Sweet Dough Class

Yeasted sweet doughs react a little differently to plain bread recipes.  Learn my bakery tips and tricks on getting them right every time. 

I’ve chosen these recipes so I can pack the most learning in one class.  Three different methods of making sweet doughs should keep you busy with a variety of recipes.

Learning techniques are the building blocks to being confident in the kitchen.

We’ll make

Beinstick ( a huge hit on open days) This is similar to our Aussie Bee’s Sting, although we’ll be using the German patisserie method with some alterations making it easy to make at home.

Challah, this is a sweet leavened bread, traditionally baked to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath. An enriched dough that’s light and delicious.

Doughnuts.  My original recipe is a bakery recipe, it has some ingredients you’d find very hard to get, so I’ve adjusted it to make sure you end up with the same yummy product, using easily found ingredients.    These didn’t last long at Open Day. I think I saw people taking 2.  LOL

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