One of my lovely students asked me to post a photo of the cake I made recently for our new Woolworths store. 

Cake for Woolworths 

Some of you may know I made one for Coles previously and Woolworths asked me to make something for them too.  Such an honour to be part of their opening. 😉  

With nearly the same brief I struggled at first to think of something that might be original but different to the last cake.  This is what I came up with.  They wanted a fresh food theme, and it had to be large. Woollies wanted to feed 200 + guests. The tall Woolworths building had a rainbow cake inside.  I thought this would be fun for them when they cut it open.  

The large vegetable plot had three layers.  First, a base of Chocolate with choc chips, then a layer of a cookies and cream cake and the top layer was vanilla.  My idea was the layers of dirt.  LOL Did I go too far. Hehehee wonder if they got it. 

I made a recipe from my blog called Oh No Oreo’s for the soil.  For some extra fun, I added a big handful of chocolate popping candy to it.  I wonder if they noticed. 😉

So here you go Wendy. x 




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