Why should we have to pay for Cookidoo?

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Cookidoo is not just a recipe app; it offers many features you may not even know are available. I see a lot of people’s comments complaining about the cost of the Thermomix Cookidoo annual subscription. I thought it was about time I shared my views. Not sure if you care, but you may not have considered these things….

The first and probably the most common objection is usually,

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“With the cost of the Thermomix machine, you should get Cookidoo for free”

Yeah, sure, free forever would be great. But the reality is that it’s free for just 6 months, during which you can decide if an ongoing subscription of $69 per annum (or about $1.30 per week) is worth it to you.

Do bear in mind that things that are “free forever” tend not to be developed further (ie. more recipes) or they find other ways to monetize (ie. by adding annoying advertising)

Another is

“I’m not buying a Thermomix because you have to pay a subscription for recipes, it’s crazy”.

OK, so let’s put this in perspective. You don’t HAVE to pay for recipes. The Thermomix TM6 has 120 guided recipes built in. Yours to keep. You also get a hard copy cookbook. Plus there are more recipes on the net than you could possibly make in a lifetime.

Cookidoo currently gives you access to over 90,000 Thermomix-specific, guided recipes, via the Internet.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to use Cookidoo (despite the obvious convenience that it offers), as you can also use ANY recipe from ANYWHERE by using the Thermomix without guided mode (i.e. manually, like any other dumb kitchen appliance). Guided recipes from Cookidoo lead you by the hand for a “no fuss” experience, whereas recipes found elsewhere will need varying levels of additional cooking expertise, depending on how “Thermomix friendly” the recipe is.

So, do I have a Cookidoo subscription? Yes. I think its a valuable addition to the Thermomix (see below for the reasons).

Thermomix TM6 and Cookidoo on phone and screen.

Why I love Cookidoo

  1. Variety of Recipes: Cookidoo offers over 90,000 recipes to date. These recipes span different cuisines, diet types, languages and meal types, which provides a wide array of cooking options. For me, it’s all about inspiration.
  2. Guided Cooking: Cookidoo integrates with your Thermomix and provides step-by-step guided cooking instructions directly on the appliance’s screen. This can make it easier to try new recipes and techniques, particularly complex ones, that you may not have considered before because the device walks you through the process.
  3. Save Personal Recipes: You can save YOUR recipes in cookidoo (i.e. the cloud) for use again and again.
  4. Collections and Bookmarks: You can add your favourite recipes to your own private collections, and you can do as I do and bookmark recipes you’d like to try later.
  5. Consistent Updates: The Cookidoo platform regularly updates with new recipes and collections. By keeping your subscription, you can benefit from these software updates and always have new culinary experiences to try. New modes etc are constantly being worked on providing us with exciting new features rather than having to upgrade each year.
  6. Meal Planning and Shopping Lists: Cookidoo offers features like meal planning and automatic shopping list creation. These can simplify the process of planning meals for the week and shopping for ingredients. I use all these functions right up to making my list, sending it to my Woolworths account, and having my goods home delivered. Not lazy, just cost and time-effective. We all know we purchase more than we need if we go to the shops. Well, I do…
  7. Recipe Testing and Calibration: All Cookidoo recipes are designed and tested specifically for Thermomix. This ensures that the recipe will work well with your machine and yield predictable results. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt them to your taste.
  8. Access Anywhere: With a Cookidoo subscription, you can access your favourite recipes, collections, and planning tools from any device – your smartphone, tablet, or computer and they sync automatically.
  9. Learning Opportunity: When you first purchase a Thermomix, you receive 6 6-month Free subscription. I encourage my Thermomix followers to grab this opportunity to test it out. By using Cookidoo, you can gradually increase your cooking skills, knowledge and confidence. The diverse range of recipes helps you learn new cooking techniques, ingredient combinations, and dish presentations. Then, re-subscribe if YOU think it’s valuable.
  10. It’s cheaper than Netflix, about $1:32 a week. (of course, you may choose to have Netflix AND Cookidoo :-))

Want a Cookidoo demo? I offer free 30-minute Zoom sessions that concentrate on specific topics like menu planning, shopping, how to use the filters and adding your personal recipes to Cookidoo as guided recipes. What do you have to lose?

PS – If you don’t see a suitable date, you can add your name to the waitlist.

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  1. Hi Bec, I am annoyed that I cannot use the high heat function unless I subscribe to Cookidoo, I have a Basic cookbook that I cannot make some recipes if I do not subscribe all under the guise of being a safety feature.
    Not Happy Jan

    1. Oh no, I’m getting feedback from Thermomix that you can use it. Humm I’d love for you to reach out so we can test it for you. I’ve turned off my WIFI and I can access it but I’m not sure if that is all I have to do as I do have Cookidoo.

      1. Bec,
        Thank you for your help, since your intervention I am now able to cook the recipes in my Basic Cookbook in high heat mode.
        Kindest regards,

  2. Hi Bec – I have been wrestling with the Cookidoo subscription ever since my original free 6 months ran out and I have not renewed. I have good intentions (they come and go (!) and, as you know “The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions !!). It seems like every time I think – O.K. I’ll be able to manage it THIS month some other ENORMOUS expense crops up and I have to drop it ! I know you say it’s only the price of a cookbook (not that I ever pay that amount for a cookbook!) but I already have hundreds of Cookbooks so don’t feel justified in adding to my collection. Quite frankly my aim is to learn how to add my own “tried and true” recipes to my machine ! Then life would be perfect !! Myra.

    1. Hello Myra, I would be happy to provide you with more information if you join one of my Zoom sessions. As of now, it is only possible for you to add your personal recipes to the Cookidoo platform. These recipes are private and will not be visible to other users. Vorwerk currently store these recipes in the Cookidoo platform (in the cloud), rather than on your device because of the space they take up. Although when the TM6 was developed it had sufficient memory for the job it had at hand, as technology advances, I’m sure more memory will be added to the model it would be great if we could store all our personal recipes on our units. However, currently, that’s not an option.

  3. Hi Bec,
    With all due respect, I think you have missed out on one of the most salient issues with Cookidoo. I for one, love my thermomix (we call it Bimby here in Italy). And I have a subscription to Cookidoo as well. But here is the main problem. For whatever, reason, Cookidoo recipes don’t have reviews, only stars. Since we can access recipes from around the world, it is obvious that tastes vary worldwide as well. As is said, ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison. 4 or 5 stars tells me that a lot of people like it, and the number represents the number of people who have taken the trouble to reply. Liking a recipe is incredibly bland and tells the cook virtually nothing about anything – enough sugar, too little; degree of spiciness, consistency of dish, problems with such and such, additions, etc. I for one, don’t enjoy spending money on ingredients for a cookidoo dish that might not be to my liking.
    I have other subscriptions to the New York Times Cooking, Epicurious, Bon Appetit, etc, all of which offer reviews by home cooks. They are exceptionally helpful in making a decision as to whether to make the recipe or not. I hope the day comes when the creators of Cookidoo take these thoughts into consideration. Thank you.

    1. Hi Florence, Yes I can see that, that might be useful. I’ll bring it up at our next meeting. They’re doing all sorts to Cookidoo all the time, I suspect they have a long list of wants and needs.

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