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Vanilla and Cherry Steamed Pudding

white bowl with a vanilla and cherry steamed pudding with whipped cream.

Steamed pudding is super easy to make in the Thermomix.  They’re also something you can make in advance. I love using dariole moulds.  Their individual portions make them perfect for serving, and if you have any leftovers, you can refrigerate or freeze them for another night.

What is the best dariole mould?

It depends on what you want to use them for. I have two different sets these days. The soft silicone type (from Thermomix Australia), but I also have some of the firmer ones by Nestle / Loyal. Let me tell you why I have both sets, so you can choose what you’d like. Maybe, like me, you want both.🤣

Classes if you are local (Melbourne) or Zooms from anywhere 🙂

Nestle or Loyal brand dariole moulds

  • They are fantastic for their non-stick abilities,
  • They’re firm, so your puddings or jellies won’t easily squash out of shape.
  • They are great for recipe testing because they’re a tad see-through, so you can see exactly what’s going on inside. 
  • Downside:  although you can put them in the freezer, they can’t go in the oven because they’re only rated to 120°C. 

The Thermomix type silicone dariole moulds 

  • Oven safe up to 220°C.  So that’s good for cakes and such, and it can go in the fridge and freezer.
  • Downside: they are flexible, so when you sit them in your Varoma, you may find the tops get a little squashed out of round.  
  • They’re non-stick but not as non-stick as the Nestle / Loyal brand. I think it has something to do with the shiny surface, similar to a chocolate mould. If the Nestle / Loyal brand loses its shine, it starts to lose its non-stick abilities.
Cherries in orange dariole moulds, waiting for the steamed pudding to be added.
Cherry pie filling in dariole mould.

There are so many things you can top these vanilla steamed puddings with. I find recipes like this are a great go-to for impromptu desserts. I’ve always got the ingredients on hand to make the sponge, and there’s always something in the house that I can use as the topping. I’ve given some ideas in the notes in the steamed pudding recipe file.

Cherries and pudding in orange dariole moulds, waiting to be cooked.
Filled silicone dariole molds
white bowl with a vanilla and cherry steamed pudding with whipped cream.

Vanilla Cherry Steamed Pudding

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This pudding uses two recipes. One for the Cherry section and another for the plain vanilla. I've given you loads more ideas to use as toppings if you don't like cherries.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Course Dessert
Cuisine British
Servings 8
Method Thermomix


  • 1 Thermomix


  • 120 g plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 120 g unsalted butter cold, cut into small cubes straight out of the fridge, plus extra for greasing
  • 120 g granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 30 g milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 qty of this cherry pie filling (follow the link), or see other tips below Cherry Pie Filling recipe


  • Start by making your Cherry pie filling or use one of the ideas I've listed below.
  • Start by greasing your dariole moulds and filling them with your choice of topping to around 1/3 full, then set them aside in your Varoma dish.
  • Weigh the flour and baking powder into the TM bowl, mix with the MC in place 3 seconds/speed 6 remove,then set aside (as the dry mix).
  • Place a small jug, or bowl on top of the TM bowl, into that weight the eggs milk and vanilla. Use a fork to break up a bit then set aside (as the liquid mix).
  • Weigh the cold small cubes of butter into the TM bowl and set for 30 seconds/speed 5
  • Remove the lid, scrape down and lift any mix stuck to the bottom of the TM bowl then weigh in the sugar. Mix again for 10 seconds/speed 5
  • Scrape down, attach the butterfly and set to speed 3
  • With the liquid mix and the dry mix at the ready start by pouring 1/2 the liquid mix in through the hole in the lid while the blades are running then tip 1/2 the dry mix in, repeat with the remainder of the liquid then the last of the dry.
  • Remove the lid scrape down and lift then mix again to make sure everything is incorporated 3 seconds/speed 3.5
  • Fill the dariole moulds (there should be enough mix to fill 8)
  • Put 1 litre of water into the TM bowl (I don't bother to clean beforehand) Place covered Varoma into position and steam 40 min/Varoma/speed 1. Serve hot with cream or ice cream or custard (or both) LOL


You can go crazy with this, here’s a list of what I’ve done in the base of a steamed pudding in the past.
  • Slices of pear and Tbsp. of salted caramel
  • Banana slices and a tsp of brown sugar
  • Canned peaches (or any canned fruit)
  • Dates chopped and a tbsp of salted caramel
  • Apple cubes with salted caramel and a pinch of cinnamon (what about sultanas?.)
  • Apple and passionfruit
  • Strawberry with a squeeze of lemon or lime
Ok, I could go on but you get the idea…

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