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Top 11 sweet Christmas recipes for 2022

Full spread of Christmas recipes made for open day

Each year I add a few more recipes that are great for Christmas. Although the list is growing, there seems to be a core group of posts that people come back to time and time again…

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First place

Goes to my Gingerbread dough. This is a pastry chef recipe that once made and baked off, it literally has a shelf life of months. We make decorations, pop them in cello bags and use them on our tree. Kids have so much fun making these.

Our cafe would surprise our patrons with mini Santas on their spoons when they ordered hot drinks. You can also use the dough to make houses with. It’s sturdy and tastes amazing.

Christmas cake with Rudolf Gingerbread cookie on top..
Gingerbread dough

Second place

Is my Christmas Nut Slice. I think it’s because it has something for everyone. Nuts, caramelised sticky bits, cheesecake and red cherries. What’s not to love.

Christmas nut slice (cooked and ready to slice).
Christmas nut slice

Number 3

Next is Mince Tarts. Our method for making pastry is easy. I teach my method in Bake Club Online subscriptions, with a video that everyone loves. I also think the addition of a few other ingredients makes them extra tasty 🙂

Fruit mince tarts.
Mince tarts

Number 4

Oh gosh, this is relatively new really, but it’s got some big followings. Cherry Stollen Slice. I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s so much easier than the proper Stollen that calls for yeast etc. It has all the flavours and none of the fuss.

Cherry stolen slice pieces on a wooden board.
Cherry stollen slice

Number 5

Plum Pudding, comes in next. I think that some are of the opinion that making plum puddings are difficult. Do it this way and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some also believe you need to have made them really early to have all the flavours develop. This one is fine if you make it the night before the big day. I know because I had an unexpected family drop-in one Christmas eve and stayed as our guests for a week. We needed a lot more pudding, and it tasted great. 😉

Plum pudding on a white place with a slice removed showing the inside.
Plum pudding

Number 6

Thermomix Panettone, I know the proper stuff is suspended upside down so it has that tall light crumb, but you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with this easy recipe. Remember if you use a wide large tin you’ll get a wide large panettone. 😉 Read my tips and you’ll do great.

Panettone with two slices removed and buttered in the front.

Number 7

Coffee Scroll Biscuits. I know these aren’t particularly Christmas but I think they’re so popular around this time of year because of their flavour. They are Christmassy, right?

A batch of home made coffee scroll biscuits with pink icing on top.
Coffee scroll biscuits

Number 8

Oh my Gingerbread Cake. This is a beautiful cake. It’s pretty new up on my site, and I’d love for you to give it a try. For those that don’t like Christmas Pudding, maybe you could try this. You don’t have to go crazy like me and make a double batch, gosh you could even do cute little cupcakes with it. Oh, I want some now..

A Gingerbread Cake for Christmas.
Gingerbread cake

Number 9

You may remember Honey Jumbles being pink or white. Well these are so cute, and they have the taste of Christmas, don’t you think?

HJoney Jumbles (in the style of Rudolf the reindeer)
Rudolf (Honey Jumbles)

Number 10

Pfeffernüsse biscuits, I posted them up this year and they’ve been a huge hit. Many people in our Facebook group have made them and shown their brilliant images.

A white plate filled with home made Pfeffernusse Cookies biscuits.
Pfeffernüsse biscuits

Number 11

Another recipe I tend to make at Christmas time is my Boozy Christmas cake. Many of our Facebook group members have made this one too, and have loved it. I either make it as one large cake or portion it out into smaller tins and bake them off as gifts. One year I made mini cakes for families and gave them as a family gift and decorated them individually for the family.

A christmas cake with red flowers at the side.
Boozy Christmas Cake

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  1. Hi Bec, would this gingerbread dough be fine to use in SE Qld’s high humidity & not go soft? Do you have any special tips?

    1. Hey Helen,

      Yes, it will be fine, what I would do is dry it out. Bake it off as normal then turn the heat right down and dry it out a bit. If you’re using it to make a gingerbread house you can even dry it out until it’s crisp. It can be quite humid here over December-January, so my tree decorations go in cello bags before adding to the tree. That will also save them.

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