TM5 and TM6 Comparison

Image of a Thermomix TM6 and Cookidoo on phone and screen

Conveying the extensive benefits of Thermomix can be a challenge without experieincing them firsthand. Listing its impressive features often results in people’s eyes glazing over due to the overwhelming amount of information.

Although the TM5 and TM6 may seem similar on the surface, there are notable distinctions between the two models. To shed light on the remarkable features of the TM6, I will endeavor to share my insights. Please note that the video below may be slightly outdated as Vorwerk continues to update our software, much like your phone updates. How ingenious!

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Thermomix TM5 v Thermomix TM6

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When comparing the TM6 to the TM5, it’s impossible not to notice the significant difference in screen size. The TM6 boasts a much larger screen, measuring 15.2cm x 20.3cm, in contrast to the TM5’s 8.9cm x 12.7cm display. This upgrade guarantees a clearer, brighter, and more enjoyable viewing experience. But wait, there’s more…… 🤣🤣🤣

The enlarged screen on the Thermomix TM6 simplifies navigating through the menus and makes following Cookidoo recipes a breeze.

Powering the TM6 is a processor akin to those found in smartphones, which allows for seamless scrolling through online recipes. Alongside this, its impressive 16GB RAM provides ample space for automatic software updates.

The TM6 has made significant progress in terms of Cookidoo and Cook-Key. Unlike the TM5, which needs a Cook-Key to access Cookidoo, the TM6 has built-in WiFi, enabling this feature.

front screen of the TM6

When you purchase a TM6, you’ll receive a complimentary 6-month subscription to Cookidoo. After the trial period, an annual fee of $69 AUD is required to access over 80,000 recipes and growing. Additionally, Cookidoo offers more than just recipes. With the TM6’s video and sound capabilities, you can watch instructional videos directly on the screen.

With the TM6, you can take your culinary creations to the next level with its impressive temperature range of up to 160°C. This is a significant upgrade compared to the TM5’s limit of 120°C. These features are available through guided cooking recipes. Now, if you have a sweet tooth, you can make things like honeycomb, caramel (Toffee) and candy with guided cooking. Or, if you want to make Caramelised Red Onion Chutney, stir-fry Chicken Teriyaki all the way to browning meat.

The TM6 doesn’t stop there; it also introduces several new functions. With WiFi-enabled software updates, there’s always the potential for more features in the future.

Front screen of the TM6 with a finger pointing at the screen

Modes that are exclusive to the Thermomix TM6:

  • Pre-Clean Mode: The TM6 has a great cleaning mode that can be tailored to the type of food you prepared. You can choose from different options, and the TM6 will execute a sequence of actions to thoroughly clean the bowl. Best Cleaning mode so far.
  • Weigh: As a pastry chef, I appreciate the precision provided by the TM6 Thermomix’s ability to weigh ingredients in 1g increments. Achieving consistent baking results relies heavily on accurately measuring bicarbonate and baking powder, and the TM6’s advanced scales make this task much easier. The improved accuracy is brilliant.
  • Dough Mode: This function of the TM6 imitates the manual motion of kneading dough. With just a 2-minute cycle, it can accomplish what would take 10 minutes of hand kneading. The TM6 has been improved to achieve better balance so that it may move slightly with large amounts of dough, but it won’t wobble around as the previous models did.
  • Turbo: Earlier models have this function; not much has changed here.
  • Blend: Using Blend mode, you can make perfect smoothies, soups and purées with your Thermomix. The mode is pre-set at 30 seconds and will slowly increase to full blending speed. You can increase the time should you want a smoother consistency.
  • Slow Cook: The TM6 comes with a specialized Slow Cook feature that expertly manages blade rotations to produce optimal results. It starts with a slow rotation for the first half hour and then switches to a 1-minute on, 1-minute off pattern. Clever.
  • Sous Vide: The TM6’s sous vide cooking feature eliminates the necessity for temperature probes and specialised equipment. Because of the sophisticated temperature control of the TM6, you can now sous vide right inside the bowl, fantastic!
  • Fermentation: If you’re looking to make yogurt, cheeses, or proof dough, this mode is perfect for you. You can set the time for up to 12 hours, and the temperature will remain stable in the range of 37-70°C. Fermenting food at home can be both tasty and budget-friendly.
  • Thicken: Easily create mouth-watering savoury sauces such as Hollandaise and Béarnaise, as well as delectable sweet treats like custards and puddings with minimal effort and complete confidence every time. Thicken mode ensures smooth textures and ideal consistency for a variety of sauces and creams.
  • Rice Cooker: For perfectly cooked rice and other grains, refer to the tips section for instructions on how to prepare the specific type of rice or grain you desire.
  • Kettle: Did you know that 96°C is the optimal water temperature for making coffee, that green tea is best brewed at 80°C, and that black tea infuses perfectly at 93°C? Kettle mode gives you precise control over the final temperature of heated water – so you can make hot drinks that taste great, prepare baby bottles, boil water for pasta, and more.
  • Egg Boiler: Achieve perfectly cooked eggs every time with ease! What’s your preferred style of eggs? Our Egg Boiler mode allows you to effortlessly cook 2 to 6 eggs to your liking with just a touch of a button. Simply take the desired number of eggs from the fridge, place them in the mixing bowl (with the blades), add water, and select from 5 different cooking levels on a sliding scale from soft to hard. Then, start the mode and voila! The perfect eggs are ready for you to enjoy. No more overcooked eggs or hassle in the kitchen.
  • Warm-up: Thermomix® makes heating up leftovers a breeze with its Warm Up mode. Achieve even heating without the hassle of guessing the right time and temperature. Perfect for reheating baby food, sauces, soups, and stews.
  • High Temperature: Perfect for searing meat at high temperatures before stewing or caramelizing onions. Note that this is a closed mode, only available during guided cooking. 160°C is the new high heat available with the TM6.
  • Sugar stages: Creating caramel or honeycomb has become easier with this special feature, exclusively available during guided cooking. As a pastry chef, I appreciate how helpful this mode is because it eliminates the need to constantly stir a pot while using a temperature probe. All you need to do is weigh your ingredients and set the mode.
  • Peeler Mode: I must admit, as a chef who has spent countless hours peeling vegetables until my wrists ache, I can now peel a few potatoes for personal use much quicker. However, if peeling is not your thing, the Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler accessory can help. Simply add 600 g of water and up to 800 g of raw root vegetables, select the Peeler mode, and voila! Job done.
  • Grating Mode: With the help of the Thermomix® Cutter accessory, effortlessly grate fruits and vegetables using the TM6 Grating mode. Selecting the mode is convenient as you can easily choose between a thin or thick grate, eliminating the need to guess how to set the cutter disc. This makes the preparation of ingredients for salads, oven bakes, pies, and many other dishes so much easier.
  • Slicing Mode: As above, this mode is used with the Thermomix® Cutter accessory, effortlessly slicing fruit and vegetables with the TM6 Slicing mode. When selecting the mode, conveniently choose between a thin or thick slice and once again take the guesswork out of it.
  • Chop Tool: This is the most current feature, and I’m sure so many of you are thankful for it. The idea behind this Mode is to take the guesswork out of Chopping. First, you select the ingredient from the available list on the screen, then select the quantity and chop size, add equally sized pieces to the mixing bowl to ensure a more evenly and uniformly chopped result, Tap “SET”, and turn the selector to the indicated speed
Thermomix TM6 showing the different functions that are available.

When will we get a TM7?

Perhaps a better question would be, when will we see a replacement for the current Thermomix TM6 model? Its a very good question.  These are our thoughts on the matter….

Honestly, we don’t know when a new model will be released. However, we do think there will be another model.  This is simply on the basis that there have been so many models already in its long history, with the first model in 1971 and the first availability in Australia in 2001. Historically new model release information hasn’t been publicly available until just before a new model has been released.

Thermomix models don’t change on a regular and predictable schedule like new cars and iPhones.  If they did our lives might be easier (or would they?).

The question of when the TM7 will be released, often comes up for Thermomix consultants.  But given that we are not privy to this information, we can only present the current Thermomix model at the time that its being considered for purchase.

I guess there is always some risk when purchasing something.  The surprise of a new model, just after committing to a purchase, can be quite annoying.  The flip side of this, is that we may deprive ourselves of a wonderful product, whilst forever waiting for something better to come along.

So, while we are enthusiasts of the current Thermomix TM6, it’s important (to us) that each purchaser can see value for them, in the (current model) TM6 as a useful and versatile kitchen appliance.


As mentioned earlier, it is quite difficult to capture all the nuances in just a few minutes. The TM6 is a major technological advancement over the TM5 and offers numerous helpful features to support you in your everyday cooking tasks.

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  1. So, purchasing much cheaper TM5 (pre-owned even below $800) whether is worth given the much technologically advanced TM6 model?

    1. Hey Ken,

      Deciding between a TM5 and a TM6, is tricky eh? Let’s break it down. I’ve had my time with both, and while the TM5 was a game-changer after the TM31, the TM6 really ups the ante. The TM5 felt revolutionary back in the day, but side by side with the TM6, it’s a bit like comparing a flip phone to a smartphone.

      I actually swapped out my TM5 for a TM6 and hung onto my trusty TM31. Why? The TM6’s interface is just smoother and more user-friendly. It’s like everything is at your fingertips. Plus, I’ve noticed that TM6 users are keener on keeping their tech up-to-date, while TM5 users might not be as enthusiastic about updates. Maybe it’s the slicker interface of the TM6, or just the vibe of having the latest gadget.

      In a nutshell, if you’re all about that cutting-edge kitchen experience, the TM6 is your go-to. But if you’re cool with a simpler, more classic approach, and a friendlier price tag, the TM5 can still be a great kitchen buddy. Just depends on what you’re looking for. Gosh I hope that helps.

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