This weekend Christine and I enjoyed the company of another group of lovely Thermomix consultants.  This class was all about the macaron.  If you find the macaron a perplexing little morsel you need to check out this class.  
tant pour tantStudent Macaron |
Learning to make them from scratch in the Thermomix has to be the quickest and easiest way although I do teach both methods.  When I say from scratch, we started by milling the nuts, but you know you could even go as far as buying raw almonds, blanching them, popping them out of their skins, drying them and processing them in your Thermomix bowl.  Because we don’t have time for all that in our class we start with the blanched form.
The crisp outer shell and soft chewy inner of the macaroon are what we strive for but sometimes these results can be a little elusive.  I think I can confidently say this method is foolproof as long as you follow the tips and tricks given in the class. 
The macaroon shell is made up of only three base ingredients sugar, almond and egg whites, we discussed how to introduce other flavours without disturbing the delicate balance of the mix.   Colour is also another ingredient we discuss because it’s important not to have our mix too wet.  Fillings are where we can really go wild.  We make different types of fillings and discuss what ingredients to choose depending on the event and weather.  What fun.  Oh and I start each class off by making real Salted Caramel.  Doing this will teach you a wide range of techniques and all the tips I have that go with it. 
A little bird tells me that the youngest student in the class made a batch the very next day. Apparently, they all came out perfect.  Good on you Bibi 😉   I love my job.




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