How to make a Thermomix butter cake?

A little while ago I developed a fun class for Thermomix consultants to explain the chemistry behind making a butter cake.  I offered this class because of what I found at Bake Club.  I had no idea that after having issues some people actually preferred to pull out their stand mixers rather than use their Thermomix.  It seems after trying a few of their old favourite recipes they found they didn’t work so well, it’s understandable that they stopped using it. Understanding the chemistry will help you translate these recipes to never want to pull out your stand mixer again.

I know you can find loads of cake recipes written in Thermomix language but if you want to make something different or if you’ve got a recipe that didn’t work, even a Thermomix one.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to fix it?  We all hate wasting our time and money but also it’s deflating to have something not turn out.


Some of you are veteran cake makers and completely understand how your stand mixers work, and others are just really good at following conventional method instructions.  If you stick to these conventional methods and try to do the same thing in your Thermomix you’ll have problems.  Following this method can be a little hit and miss, to say the least.  In turn, you lose confidence in your TM for making cakes and opt to pull out your stand mixer.

Most of the cakes we make today are butter cakes. If you understand the process, and what each step is trying to achieve you won’t need to read the recipe method ever again.  They’re that easy once you understand.  I have developed some simple ways to explain the chemistry behind making cakes.  It’s definitely not hard and it totally makes sense when you know what each stage should look and feel like.

What will you learn in our Butter Cake Class?

  • What’s a Butter cake?
  • Why some people have problems and others don’t
  • Making techniques explained
  • Cake pans and how to use them.
  • Consider the following mixing methods
  • My top tips
  • My go-to Basic Butter cake recipes
  • How to develop your very own Butter cake recipe

and of course, you get to take home a piece of each cake made on the day.

Learning to develop your own recipes might sound a little daunting but when I show you how to do it you’ll love it.  You’ll be able to whip up a cake whenever you like.  Have you ever thought on master chef how do they remember cake recipes and have them work?  I’ll teach you how.

Check out our Classes page to see if we have any classes currently on our calendar.

All the cakes below are butter cakes.  I always use my Thermomix and get perfect results.

Here’s a simple Butter Cake Recipe to get you started.


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