The Ultimate Guide On How To Run A Bake Club – Part Six

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Continuing on from part one of my “Ultimate Guide On How To Run A Bake Club”

The Day After.  (there was a movie with that name wasn’t there? Not so disastrous in this case. lol )

For me, after the last Bake Club for the week, I take all the recipes to my office and type up all the written corrections in Living Cookbook.   That’s the program I talked about in an earlier post.  I download the photos from my phone and make any adjustments I think they might need.  Then I add them to the recipes in my Living Cookbook Program.

The last step is to publish the cookbook. This is as simple as clicking a button.  The way I do it but you have loads of choices, is that I get Living cookbook to send the cookbook to “Word” for me, and I follow the instructions to add a front page, contents page and index. This is also very easy, just a click of a button really.  I do go a little bit further and play around with it a bit, you don’t have to, but it’s just my nature.  I try to find all the typo’s or misspelt words but I’m not perfect here.  I make the images larger, try to get the recipes to fit on one page if I can and make them look as pretty as I can.  I hope the bake club girls let me know when I’ve mucked up. LOL

Then they’re sent to everyone’s inboxes as a PDF.  If you leave them in Word some people may not have inboxes big enough.  This is just the way I do it but you could use Dropbox or a multitude of other ways.  Heck, you could just print them out and give them to them next time.

What I love about Bake Club

Apart from feeding my desire to be involved in a baking group, I’ve met some of the most amazing people.  I’ve not only been able to share my knowledge but I’ve also learnt from them.  I now know how they read, understand and reproduce recipes.  It’s taught me that writing recipes that are long will put people off.  But If they’re short on instructions they may be misinterpreted.  I suppose that’s why my classes are so popular.  Learning techniques give you confidence in the kitchen and in turn you enjoy your time more.

I’ve learnt that not everyone knows how to cream butter and sugar and whipping egg whites can be daunting for some.  Some thermomix owners struggle to make recipes that aren’t in Thermomix language (with all the steps laid out).  I’m on a mission to help everyone feel more confident in the kitchen whatever they’re doing.  I teach all my Theromomx Bake Club buddies techniques so they can easily turn any recipe into Thermomix language wherever they get the recipe from.

If you like organising events as I do, this is so much fun.  I have done as many as three meetings a fortnight in the past, but of course, you don’t have to do that many.  Once a month would be fun too.  After you’ve done your first couple they’ll become much easier.

Over the last 6 years at Bake Club, we’ve got such a vast amount of amazing recipes.  I keep saying one day I need to put my most favourite in one colossal cookbook for myself and my family.  But of course, for now, they’re all sitting in my living cookbook program, and I suppose I can pass that on one day. 😉


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