Last week I posted about my two favourite spatulas.  I only showed you one of them because I don’t have the new and improved model of the second.  What is it though? It’s the “Does it all Spatula” from Zyliss.  Zyliss is a good brand and although I don’t have the new model can can’t believe it would be inferior to the older version.

If you want to go back and read about the other spatula here’s a link


Above is the old style spatula, you can still find a few around, but they’ve been replaced with the new version now.  This is the spatula that has been my all-time favourite for about ten years before the Zeal Spatula came along.  The Zeal hasn’t completely replaced it; I go for the zeal for the Thermomix and baking mixes because the spoon shape works better between the blades.

I use the “Does it all from Zyliss” for everything else.  Because I want to be completely honest, this older model was quite sturdy although after a lot of use (around two years in the cooking school) I found some of them would have a few scratches and cuts in the blade end, caused by the TM blades no doubt.  I’m not too worried about that, as it’s a great improvement on the TM spatula which shows signs of scratching much earlier.  I don’t think the makers at Zyliss or any spatula maker intended you to run your spatula against blades and press firmly.  😉

I use the two different shapes below although I only have one of the easy lift turners.  You tend to have only one frypan on the go at once.  You can’t have enough spatulas right!  LOL, I can still hear my dad saying “If you have the right tools for the job, the job is a lot easier”  That was him talking mum into letting him have a new power tool.  He did use them a lot, so it was warranted.  😉


As soon as my 15 or so spatulas have died (some in the cooking school and some in my home).  I’m gonna get me one of these new sexy ones.  hahahaaa

Easy Lift spatula Zyliss



Does it all Spatula |


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  1. Bec I LOVE your newsletters… I don’t read all of the mail that hits my inbox but I ALWAYS read yours!!
    On your advice I also now have a yoghurt maker 🙂
    Look forward to doing another class with you one of these days.
    keep up the good work.
    Ciao, Roma

    • Thank you so much, Roma, I often sit at my desk wondering if anyone out there is enjoying what I write.
      Love the feedback. \