Tandoori Chicken without a Tandoori Oven.

I’ve been making Tandoori spice for a long time. It’s perfect for the summer BBQ season. It’s made an appearance at my open days along with my homemade sausages samples.

With my Tandoori spice blend, this recipe couldn’t be more straightforward.

This is the recipe for those that have purchased my premade spice blend. I’ve found it to be easier for everyone to pop my recipes up here rather than try to squeeze the written recipe on the label of the jar.

For this spice blend, I no longer measure at home.  Once you’ve made it the first time, I’m sure you won’t have to either, it’s so easy.

Tandoori Chicken or Fish

Tandoori Chicken
For use with Bec's Tandoori spice blend
Recipe type: Main, Meat
: Indian style
  • 500 g thigh fillets cut into strips (or fish fillets)
  • 15 - 20 g Bec's Tandoori spice mix (or a bought one, use as directed)
  • 150 g yoghurt
  • ½ Lemon juice
  • Season with Salt
  1. First, make the marinade. Mix the spice blend, yoghurt and lemon together in a large bowl.
  2. Add the sliced chicken and coat with marinade.
  3. Leave the chicken for at least ½ an hour and up to overnight for best results.
  4. Best cooked on a BBQ, griddle pan, fry pan or under the grill. You can even use a non-stick cooling rack in your oven. Like I show in class.
Chef Notes
You can put these on skewers, add into wraps or have them spice up a plain salad. Play with the amount of spice blend to your own taste. I like to add at least 20 g.




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