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Image of thermomix crunchy Muesli bar recipe

Thermomix Muesli Bars

This Thermomix muesli bar recipe is super quick and easy.  Even on a stove top they're not bad, but a one-pot snack, how can you go...
looking down on a Chocolate and fresh strawberry Posset

Chocolate Posset in the Thermomix

Posset is a 16th Century dessert from Britain.  Wow huh, it always amazes me what they did back then with food.  Sometimes I wonder...
A stack of pancakes with lemons and Oranges

Bec’s Favourite Pancake Recipe

My grandson loves pancakes; actually, I'm not sure if anyone would knock them back for breakfast.  This is my Favourite Thermomix Pancake Recipe; I'm...
A plate of lamb and feta sausage rolls

Lamb and Feta Sausage Rolls recipe

A couple of days ago I promised I'd share a recipe on how else you can use my Persian Feta Herb Blend.  We loved...
Herb blend to use in all sorts of recipes

Herb blend for Instant flavour

Here's a cheeky little herb blend I've been playing with a fair bit lately.  I think the traditional Italian Herb blend is a little...