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Bec's Kitchen | becs-table.com.au

Kitchen Renovations at Bec’s

This is a continuation of my new kitchen post called Kitchen Makeover At Ours.   Last post I showed you what the kitchen used to...
Bake Club term 4 | becs-table.com.au

Baking Tips

Pretty much every fortnight at Bake Club I hear someone say “I know, I should have read the recipe first”,   The first, and possibly...
Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Over the years I've been asked on numerous occasions "What flowers can I grow that are edible?"  Well here are quite a few edible...
Taco Taters | becs-table.com.au

Taco Taters (Baked Potatoes, perfect for Winter mid week meals)

BAKED SPUDS OR BAKED POTATOES IF YOU LIKEI have to say we're spud eaters at our place.  They're perfect for winter comfort food.  I...
Thermomix Maple cupcakes | becs-table.com.au

Thermomix Maple Syrup Cupcakes

These Thermomix Maple Syrup Cupcakes were made for a cupcake decorating class.  We had 6 designs in total with 4 different cupcake recipes so there...