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A collage of beetroot and feta parcel images

Beetroot and Feta Filo Tartlets Recipe

Do you have leftover filo pastry sometimes? I had a whole pack left over from Bake Club last fortnight, I bought two, so we...
Image of fruit mince tarts by Bec's Table

Christmas Mince Tarts Thermomix and Conventional Methods

I was asked to pop this recipe up for my little Christmas Mince Tarts from one of my lovely students at last weekend's Christmas gift...
Image of Christmas Honey Jumbles recipe

Honey Jumbles Thermomix and Conventional Methods

Little hands couldn't resist these Honey Jumbles at Open Day 2018.  They're easy to make and decorate however you choose to do it.What are they?  Well, these honey...
Image of a Cranberry, Pistachio and White chocolate loaf on a plate

Cranberry, Pistachio and White chocolate Loaf

I've listed the Thermomix and Food processor methods for this amazingly tasty Cranberry, Pistachio, and White chocolate Loaf.  It tastes as good as it looks...
Image of no Bake Summer Roll Log

Summer Roll Recipe Thermomix

On Facebook I asked the question "what recipe should I post next from Open Day" Janine responded with "Summer Roll, please"  So here you...