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Little pizza quiche sitting on a cooling rack

Mini Pizza Quiches Thermomix and Conventional Methods

I've not been posting much of late, I apologise but I've been busy making eBooks for our "Bake With Us" online subscription with the...
A Plate of Lamb and Halloumi skewers

Lamb and Halloumi Skewers

Halloumi is perfect for these lamb skewers.  Lamb and Halloumi go so well together.  Summers almost over, I think?  Who can tell these days...
cover image of ebook week 4 term 1 Bake club

“Bake With Us” eBook Season 1 Week 3 – Thermomix and Conventional eBook

More than just a recipe book. What’s so special about these eBooks?These eBooks are filled with recipes, tips and information on baking from a pastry...
A pile of cranberry oat cookies

Cranberry, Oat and Golden Syrup Cookies Recipe

Yesterday my little grandson (7 now, not so little) popped in with his mum and dad. That's not unusual in itself, but I wasn't...
A plate of cheesy bacon poppers

Easy Cheesy Potato Poppers Recipe

I don't deep fry too much these days; my hips are wide enough.  But I'm always looking for something to add to the Smoked...