I made this Sweet Custard Filled Pull-Apart a few weeks back. I normally make it with an almond custard filling, but I had a few apples to use up and came up with this.

It’s a bit fiddly when you’re rolling it up because of the chunky apple custard; you could choose to use something less chunky though, even slathered with Nutella if you like that sort of thing.

Want to know how I made this Sweet Custard Filled Pull-Apart?

It’s easy, just a bit messy.  First, you need a good sweet bun or bread recipe. I’ll pop one up soon, just rewriting for you Thermomix owners out there. 😉 Then you need an apple custard recipe.  That part that’s the easiest if you own a Thermomix.

Just cut your apple into small cubes, pop it in your Thermomix then weigh in your EDC (everyday cookbook) custard ingredients.  Then cook the Thermomix custard as you usually would but on reverse.   Easy Apple Custard. Humm what else can you use that for? 😉

Here’s a timeline of images to help you.

This recipe would be great for Easter, although anytime is good for me.  LOL

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