Want to become a seasoned spice blender so dinner isn’t such a chore?  Join this class where I’ll show you a range of my favourite blends! You’ll learn how to make them and learn some recipes on how to use them.

These spice blends are designed to make your meals quick and easy.  They’re recipes I’ve developed for my personal use at home.  I bet you didn’t know that some nights I don’t fancy cooking, in fact, If I’ve been working all day in the kitchen, the last thing I want to do is spend a whole lot more time in there.  I’ve developed some great recipes to feed the family with the least amount of fuss.

These spice blends are full of flavour, and the way I use them may be a little unconventional, but everyone seems to love them.  During the class, we’ll also use a selection of the blends to make a banquet-style lunch.

Which Spice Blends will you learn?

  • Bec’s Jeera Rice
  • Bec’s Kashmiri curry Blend
  • Bec’s Kashmiri Goat, Lamb or chicken
  • Bec’s Laksa Powder
  • Bec’s Laksa Chicken or prawns
  • Bec’s Southern spiced chicken blend
  • Bec’s Southern-fried or Oven baked chicken.
  • Bec’s Madras Spice Mix
  • Bec’s Lamb Madras
  • Bec’s Malay Curry blend
  • Bec’s Malay Satay chicken
  • Bec’s Penang curry powder base
  • Bec’s Penang curry with beef
  • Bec’s Tandoori Spice Blend
  • Bec’s Quick Tandoori Chicken or Fish
  • Bec’s Ras el Hanout
  • Bec’s Roast Ras el hanout Lamb

What will you get?

  • A full comprehensive handout filled with spice blend recipes and recipes on how to use them.
  • Fun, hands-on class
  • Some samples of your favourites to take home
  • Lunch of course

Here are some photos of recipes that we’ve made in our class.

Check out our Classes Page to see if we have a class available at the moment.



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