Spanish Food Pintxos

Looking down on a black plate with a selection of Pintxos

Going to Barcellona? You’ve got to try the pintxos. Pintxos are sort of like tapas, but In my opinion way better!” A couple of years back we visited Spain; we asked our guide “where’s the best Tapas bar?” He replied with a confused look on his face “Do you want Tapas or Pintxos?” I’d never heard of Pintxos back then, so he said he’d show us.

Wow. So to start, this is how you say Pintxos “Pinchos”.   Ok, we’ve got that out of the way.  Now when you go, you’ll know what to ask for.

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What is Pintxos?

To me, it’s a little like you’ve turned up at a Cocktail party where the finger food is out of this world.  They might not be one bight per portion a bit more like two bites.  Unless your my hubby lol.  No even he would struggle with some of them.

Image of a Pinxos bar in Spain
Pintxos from a Pintxos bar

The difference between tapas and pintxos:- With tapas, you may get a little bowl with stuffed olives, or a little bowl with anchovies they’re served with a toothpick so you can pick them up, but Pintxos are more like a single served one-handed finger food.  Canapes, much more than tapas.  A good proportion of them are served on a slice of bread like a french baguette slice.  A lot more has gone into the preparation of pintxos than tapas.

So where can you find them?  Pintxos bars are all over the place.  Ask a local where they’re favourite one is! Our Tour guide was brilliant; if he hadn’t been so helpful when we asked for tapas, we might still be in the dark.

How do you order your Pintxos

Even the way it all works is pretty clever.  They have a brilliant way of serving and keeping track of what you’ve eaten.  When you go up to the bar, where they have trays and trays of amazing looking treats to choose from.  You’re given a little toothpick holder.  Each pintxo has a toothpick stabbed into it.  You grab a plate, choose the most appealing, take it back to your table and remove the toothpick.  Pop the toothpick in the holder, and when you’ve got your fill, you head to the register, where they count your toothpicks.  You pay for what you’ve eaten.

Desserts on offer in a Pintxos bar
Pintxos – so many to choose from…

So I say “when in Spain! Go do Pintxos”.  There has been a couple of Pintxos bars open up in Melbourne, but after trying them, I can’t help but think they’re missing something.  Maybe it’s just that we were on holidays in SPAIN!. LOL

I wish I had taken more photos for you.

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