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Easy overnight Sourdough (online course)

Sourdough loaf with a leaf design cut into the top

I make sourdough bread the easy way. Being a pastry chef, I’ve honed in on what must be done, and what isn’t needed. I’ve taken what we would do in a commercial kitchen, and adapted it for home. This is the essence of our sourdough bread making course

There are so many methods to be found on the internet, but seriously, I think we all want quick and easy, don’t we?

  • My method doesnt require that you feed your starter every day.
  • It won’t have you stretching and folding all day.
  • You don’t need to find recipes to use up discard because there isn’t any.

It really isn’t that complicated, otherwise our good bakeries and restaurants wouldn’t bother to make it.

Let me show you my quick, easy overnight method in my on-demand easy overnight sourdough course and lets squash some of those myths. Even though this course is on-demand (and waiting for you), so am I. If you have any questions there are comment boxes on each and every lesson where you can chat with me. You really CAN make (great) sourdough bread at home 🙂

A tray full of different sourdough breads.

This is a collection of sourdough breads that YOU can make at home, or continue reading some of our other blog posts on Sourdough bread

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