We’re trying to reduce the amount of stock we hold in our Cooking School so I’ve created this page where you can purchase items we’ve been selling at our school.


We mainly use USA Pans (I’m still trying to find a good supplier for you), although they don’t come in every shape and size so these are others we enjoy using


If you’ve been to my cooking school you’ll know I’m a gadget girl.  I only choose gadgets that work well and save me time in the kitchen.  These are my favorites


We have a brilliant range of kitchen tools.  In our opinion these are the best value for money and useful for any foodie.

Pots and Pans

These are the pots and pans I use in the cooking school and in my home.  There are a few different types, see what I have to say about them before you make your choice.

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Blackberry ripple loaf

We made this delightful loaf last week in Bake Club.  I promised I’d share the recipe with my lovely friend Cheryl.  This blackberry ripple loaf is pretty easy to make, it can be made with any type of berry or a mix if you like. Now, in the recipe below I’ve mentioned that I have a tip for when a loaf starts to brown too much on top but it’s still not cooked through.  If you’ve been to Bake Club or any of my classes you know I have loads of them.  Just shut me up.  LOL Baking Tip To Prevent Cakes From Burning Ok, for those that want to read another tip here goes. For any cake that’s starting to brown too much on the top make a shower cap.  I know you may have seen this method before and I see a few heads nodding in classes but most people just take tin foil and grease the inside with a spray or butter.  I don’t do the oil or butter thing.  I grab my tin foil and cut off enough to cover the cake tin with an overlap of around 2 inches, I then do the same with Baking […]

My Tips On Mash and The Potato Ricer

Here’s a gadget that I couldn’t live without.  The Potato Ricer.  It’s brilliant for mashed potatoes any mash actually and purees too.   You can even use it to make German Spaetzle noodles check this out.  There are loads of Potato Ricers on the market, but I’m going to let you in on the secrets I’ve learnt over the years. These are the things that made me choose which Potato Rice I would sell in the cooking school.   I think I’m an authority on Potato Ricers.  LOL, I’ve owned or used quite a few mashers in my time and because of this, I can tell you what not to buy and why.    Don’t buy a ricer that is all in one if you’re like me and want to stuff it in the dishwasher.   It’s too hard to fit it in up the right way so enough water flushes through. If you can’t remove the discs everything gets stuck inside like a sieve.  Don’t buy a mouli or food mill style ricer.  Most restaurants use them and they look all professional and that but, they’re equally as hard to clean. In fact, most won’t fit in your dishwasher. So unless you […]

Easy Asian Style Chicken

I love quick meals like the rest of you.  This easy Asian Style Chicken could be Asian Style Sticky Pork ribs or Pork Belly Strips if you’d like.  If you have time to marinate don’t worry it will still have loads of flavour.   Serve it with rice, salad, Asian greens, rice paper rolls, bread rolls or even in wraps.  It’s quick and easy and dinner can be on the table in no time.  I don’t know any kids that don’t enjoy this one either.   Easy Asian Style Chicken Asian Style Sticky Chicken Recipe Type: Main Cuisine: Asian Author: Bec’s Table Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 30 mins Serves: 4 Bec’s Asian Style Chicken Ingredients 1 Tbsp Tomato paste 1 Tbs oil 2 Tbs oyster sauce 2 Tbs Ketchup Manis 1 Tbs sesame oil pinch of salt and pepper 500 – 600 gm chicken thigh fillets or drumsticks 1 Tbsp sesame seeds Instructions In a large bowl (big enough to marinate the chicken) add the tomato paste, oil, oyster sauce, ketchup Manis and sesame oil. mix well to combine Add the thigh fillets or drumsticks and mix to coat well. Marinate for as long as […]

How to Soup without a recipe – Pumpkin and Pork Hock Soup

Recently in a Facebook group I’m a member of, someone asked: “What do I do with all these pumpkins I’ve grown?”  There was a lot of “Pumpkin Soup” answers.  Of course, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I sometimes forget that some people don’t have much experience in the kitchen.  Making soup is one of the easy ones if you know some basic rules.  I thought this might be a good post.  “How to make soup without a recipe.”  There are so many ways you can make a good pumpkin soup flavourful, but there are a few steps that will come naturally once you understand and you’ll use them for all sorts of soups and sauces. Mirepoix You may have heard of the French term ‘mirepoix’,  but for those that haven’t here’s what it is.  It’s (pronounced “meer PWAH”) It’s one of the first things a chef will learn.  Mirepoix is usually a mixture of onion, carrot and celery and used as the flavour base for many dishes.  Soup, sauces, stews or slow-cooked dishes and marinades.  You can add other ingredients like leek, fennel, celeriac and the like, but the mainstays in a French mirepoix are onion, carrot […]

Thermomix Marshmallow

I was so excited when I worked out how quick and easy it was to make my normal marshmallow recipe in the Thermomix.  No more bain marie for me.   Thermomix Marshmallow from now on. Last week I posted a recipe for Chocolate Wheaten Biscuits, and with my grandson staying overnight (and he loves to cook) I didn’t want to make another batch of cookies the next day.   There’s only so many cookies I’ll let him eat.  Nasty nana. And I did just turn some plain ones into extra naughty ones LOL So we decided to turn what was left of the Chocolate Wheatens into Wagon Wheels.  We’ve made Wagon Wheels at Bake Club a few times, but we’ve not had a recipe so close to the original.  Although they were all nice recipes some had chocolate biscuits, some had plain vanilla biscuits, and others were cheat recipes where you use Granita Biscuits.   These are as close as we’ve gotten them. But of course, you can make marshmallow for all sorts of things.  Decoration, torched decoration (that’s always fun), piped buttons for hot chocolate or campfire roasting, or just plain to eat. You can colour, flavour and decorate as you wish. I’ve […]

The other Spatula

Last week I posted about my two favourite spatulas.  I only showed you one of them because I don’t have the new and improved model of the second.  What is it though? It’s the “Does it all Spatula” from Zyliss.  Zyliss is a good brand and although I don’t have the new model can can’t believe it would be inferior to the older version. If you want to go back and read about the other spatula here’s a link   Above is the old style spatula, you can still find a few around, but they’ve been replaced with the new version now.  This is the spatula that has been my all-time favourite for about ten years before the Zeal Spatula came along.  The Zeal hasn’t completely replaced it; I go for the zeal for the Thermomix and baking mixes because the spoon shape works better between the blades.   I use the “Does it all from Zyliss” for everything else.  Because I want to be completely honest, this older model was quite sturdy although after a lot of use (around two years in the cooking school) I found some of them would have a few scratches and cuts in the blade end, caused by the […]

Chocolate Wheaten Biscuits

Chocolate Wheatens are one of two types of biscuits I purchase from the shops.  The other biscuit is a Granita.  I buy these biscuits because I’m slack.  What! No, I’m not.  I have a lot of Pattiserie recipes that call for Granitas as an ingredient.  I thought it’s about time I have a go at making them. Here’s a recipe I’ve played with and after making them I did a little extra work which I’ll post about next week.  These biscuits are not overly sweet because they’re meant to be used as a granita (base for cheesecake etc.).  Although with a little flourish of chocolate they can become Chocolate Wheatens or Wagon Wheels.  YES, WAGON WHEELS. Alright, I’m calm now.  We made them last week in Bake Club, and the girls seem to like them.  I thought I’d share the first part with you today.  Next time I’ll share the marshmallow filling with you. That’s the extra bit I mentioned above. I made them in the Thermomix, but you could use a food processor, just leave them in the fridge to set up a bit after mixing, if they get too soft to work with.  If you need me to […]

A Spatula I love – Kitchen tools

Spatulas are a serious business in my kitchen.  I don’t like soft, floppy, skinny, fat, round end, too small or too big.  Yep, I’m a fussy spatula freak.  When walking around kitchen stores, you can find me feeling, squishing and bending spatulas. Forever thinking who the hell designed these? Obviously, someone that doesn’t cook. I’m the same with handbags and shoes that’s why I pretty much only have one of each at any given time.  They must tick all the boxes, or I don’t get em.  If you ask my husband, I take way too long deciding.  He won’t come with me to the shops If I mention shoes or bags anymore. I’d never dream of favorite him kitchenware shopping. haha   So what do I think is essential to look for in a spatula? They have to be able to withstand high temperatures They have to be able to go in the dishwasher (I figure that ticks the easy to clean spatula box too) They have to be firm, not flop around all over the place when I’m trying to mix stiff batters or remove batters from my Thermomix They have to be able to stand up to the blades on […]

Slow cook Osso Bucco – My tips on how to slow cook

Slow cooking is a blessing for busy people, we’ve talked, and I’ve demonstrated quite a few recipes in our “Evening Meals Classes”.   I’ve shown them how to prep everything and get it ready for the slow cooker.  Then I pull out one I prepared earlier for them to eat.  Ha Love Saying That!  “Here’s One I Prepared Earlier” Many students have mentioned that they needed some help with developing flavours in the slow cooker.  A lot have opted to use shop bought sauces because without them the depth of flavour isn’t quite there.  I have shown many of my slow-cooked recipes in these classes, without the use of shop bought sauces, and they’ve been a huge hit. How do I get flavour in my slow-cooked food? First of all, I want to say you don’t necessarily have to own a slow cooker to slow cook food.  If you have something that you can safely and consistently cook at 145 – 150 ºc a for a high-temperature slow cook or 85 – 90 ºc for a low-temperature slow cook, then you might be in business. Since my renovation, I’ve passed my slow cooker on to someone that might use it more.  I […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Marshmallow filling

School holidays and I’m baking in my kitchen with my little grandson.   He loves cooking and helping out, love his stackability.  We sat down the first day and made a list of what he’d like to cook.  He ran off, grabbed some cookbooks from my bookcase but couldn’t find what he was looking for.  I asked him to describe to me what he wanted to make.   It took some explanation and drawing to get it out of him but, Chocolate Chip Cookies with Marshmallow Filling.  He told me he saw them on Pinterest.  ahahaaa kids these days lol.  Wish we had Pinterest when I was 6. Anyway, I decided to join two of my recipes together for him. We made the cookies first and then the marshmallow. These cookies are soft cause that’s the way he likes them.  He wanted to leave the marshmallow white, but you could add colour.  I was surprised he wanted to leave it white when I have so many colours to choose from.  But there you go, he said: “I think they look better with white Nan.” So cute, he tells me he wants to be a cooker when he grows up, just like me.  Nawww he’s crazy […]