Well, my little grandson had a group birthday party this weekend with all the babies he’s been making friends with at playgroup. A Sesame Street Cake for a collective 1st Birthday Party. 

I love doing this sort of stuff when I have the time.

I added red squares, blue circles and yellow triangles to the inside of the cake for a hidden surprise.  The cake was a yellow butter cake and the shapes were a white chocolate butter cake.  The little figurines were fun to make as was the rest of the decorations.  Because there were only around 30 people coming to the event I decided to make the top part fake.  Such a shame to waste good cake don’t you think?

How To Get To Sesame Street

Sesame Street Cake

I do probably one cake a year and that’s pretty much all I have the time for, but if you’d like to see more check these out. 


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