In my opinion, there’s not much that’s more rewarding that offering guests an antipasto platter.  Knowing you’ve made all the ingredients yourself including the Salami is a highlight. 

The best salami’s I’ve ever tasted are the ones that have been home made. They have a more meaty, slightly sweet flavour about them. The slightly sour, chemical character you find in a lot of the shop bought items just doesn’t do anything for me. 

Well, we do classes to show you how you can safely make salami at home. 

You can make your salami from scratch, where you select the meat, bone it out and prepare it ready for mincing.  Or you can do what I do these days, and get my butcher to do some of the work.  I choose the cut and ask him to prepare it.   I even get him to mince it using the die size I like.  It only takes him a few minutes, and I know when I get home all I have to do is mix my ingredients and stuff my casings.  Brilliant!

In our class, we’ll show you how to make Salami from scratch.  Just in case you want to have fun with it from the start like I use to do.  Then we’ll go on and tell you everything you need to know to make different styles of Salami at home. 

We’ll provide some samples for tasting.  We’ll also supply you with a kit to take home helping you to follow up your learning with practice.  The kit has all the ingredients you need except the meat and the best part, the kits included in the class fees.   

Go to our classes page to see if we have one on our calendar 


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