Rudolf Cookies

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These little Rudolf cookies are so cute and so easy to make.

This is one of the cutters I have in my little shop.  Professional looking, with so little effort,  I just had to get him and at only $4 I reckon he’s a bargain.

I have used my now famous gingerbread recipe that you can find ”here”.

I say Rudolf’s easy cause just a little decoration goes a long way.



Here’s what you need.

One or a 1/2 quantity of my gingerbread dough, a rolling-pin, the cutter, some white fondant, red fondant and either a black edible marker or a little black fondant.  Oh if you don’t want to buy or make red fondant use a red smartie and for the little black dots why not nonpareil’s I have some just in black if you can’t find them.  But you can track them down at most cake decorating stores.

Here’s what I do.

Make the gingerbread recipe.  (really, it is best to store it in the fridge overnight before you use it)

Roll your gingerbread out using a non-stick rolling pin if you can, or just use a little dusting of flour.

Cut the gingerbread out using the cutter.

Pop it on a baking tray and bake.

This gingerbread puffs up just a little when it’s cooked, so when they are completely cooled all you have to do is roll out your white fondant and cut the same shape out.

You can either use sugar glue to stick the fondant to the cookie or just a little brush of water will do fine.

If using the red fondant roll a little oval or if you have an appropriate cutter you can use that. Stick it in place, with sugar glue or water and draw or roll little black dots for eyes.  Gosh couldn’t get much easier.

On mine, I have used edible glitter in red for the nose but that’s just me wanting to add a bit of sparkle.

What fun.  You can put them in little cello bags and hang them on your Christmas tree, Give them as gifts or use them as tags on gifts.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.


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