My quick spice blends will change the boring evening meal, into something everyone will love.

Quick easy ways to add flavour to your evening meals, without food additives.

We’ve all done it, got home from a busy day and now need to put a meal on the table. One that the family will enjoy.  Sauce mixes, bottled flavours or some sort of flavour that your butcher has pre smeared on your meat.   Yep, those are the ones.  What’s in them????

The lovely Janine Babauskis’s asked me before Christmas last year, to develop a class that I could run at Thermomix’s headquarters in Melbourne.  Unfortunately, with her no longer working for Thermomix, that’s not going to happen.

Well, I’ve done all the recipe development and have been using these pantry “get of jail cards” for so long, I think it’s about time I ran the class anyway.

What are they? 

They’re jars of powdered spices and dried foods that I’ve brought together to enhance your meat and veg in a flash.   My family thinks meat and 3 veg on a plate too many nights in a row are boring, what about yours?  Why not add these clever little sprinkles and make them happy without any fuss. They can be as mild or as hot as you like, with just a flick of the wrist.  We love them.

Here are some I use a lot

  • Laksa spice
  • Penang spice
  • Tandoori mix
  • Taco mix
  • Ras el hanout
  • Smoky Spice Blend
  • Sweet spice

I have developed so many of these, they’re so handy at meal times.  The hardest part is trying to work out which to put in the class.

All these can be made in a food processor or Thermomix, sealed in a jar and will last for months.

When you get home for dinner and you don’t have much time these will make your job simple.

We call this class “Fragrant Spice” Want to see if there’s a class coming up?  



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