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Zyliss Does it all Spatula

What’s so great about the “Does it all Spatula’?

  • It’s robust, firm and only slightly flexible, great for scraping pots and pans and stirring stiff batters or doughs.
  • It’s heat resistant to 315 °c  (600 F).
  • It’s safe to use on your non-stick cookware.
  • The shape of the head is designed to get into awkward corners.  One side is round and the other a right angle.  Brilliant for pots, pans, and your Thermomix.
  • It doesn’t take up smells, or liquid like wood does.
  • I stick mine in the dishwasher.




This Zyliss Spatula was my favourite spatula for years.  It’s sturdy, firm enough to pick up stiff batters and strong enough to last for ages against the Thermomix blades.  I still the Zyliss Spatula for frying but choose to use the Zeal Spatula in the Thermomix these days.

So Zeal Spatula for the Thermomix and Zyliss Spatula for everything else.  A girl can’t have too many spatulas.  ahahaaaa

Easy Lift spatula Zyliss
This is the easy lift spatula, great for frying

You can read more about this spatula on the post I wrote.