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Spatulas are a serious business in my kitchen.  I don’t like soft, floppy, skinny, fat, round end, too small or too big.  Yep, I’m a fussy spatula freak.  When walking around kitchen stores, you can find me feeling, squishing and bending spatulas. Forever thinking who the hell designed these? Obviously, someone that doesn’t cook.

I’m the same with handbags and shoes that’s why I pretty much only have one of each at any given time.  They must tick all the boxes, or I don’t get em.  If you ask my husband, I take way too long deciding.  He won’t come with me to the shops If I mention shoes or bags anymore. I’d never dream of taking him kitchenware shopping. haha

So what do I think is essential to look for in a spatula?

  1. They have to be able to withstand high temperatures
  2. They have to be able to go in the dishwasher (I figure that ticks the easy to clean spatula box too)
  3. They have to be firm, not flop around all over the place when I’m trying to mix stiff batters or remove batters from my Thermomix
  4. They have to be able to stand up to the blades on my Thermomix for a reasonable length of time
  5. Ideally, they need to fit between the blades of my Thermomix
  6. Won’t soak up flavors, smells or trap in moisture as wood does
  7. Won’t scratch my non-stick cookware

There you have it.

There are two that fall into this category for me.  I own them both, and the one I go for first when using my Thermomix or baking is this Zeal Spatula.  I’ll post about the other one later.

This link will take you to the best price I’ve found online when writing this post.

Zeal manufactures a few different shapes although this is my favourite.   Zeal Classic Silicone Spatula Spoon 26 cm.  There are two sizes available I like this 26cm one the best.  It’s a good size to reach into the bottom of the TM bowl and fit between the blades.


Best Spatula Zeal | becs-table.com.au


They’re handy for cookie batters, lifting butter from the base of the TM bowl is a breeze with this spatula.

Speaking of cookies I have some great recipes, check em out.

Best Thermomix Spatula | becs-table.com.au

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