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White Magic Eco Pad Kitchen Sponge

  • Stop buying chemical cleaners and use cloths that are guaranteed for 300 machine washes, expected to last for 500 machine washes
  • The ultimate washing up tool that can scrub and wipe up any kitchen mess
  • The scrubbing side is tough but gentle enough to cut through stubborn burnt on mess on pots and pans without scratching
  • The flat side is great at wiping down mildly soiled surfaces on plates, cutlery and glasses
  • The pad can be used with or without detergent; I tend to only use detergent on really dirty surfaces or when I’m washing out my sponge.



What’s so special about the White Magic Eco Pad kitchen sponge? They do cost a bit more than your regular sponge but here’s what I have to say about them.

Pebble White Magic Eco Kitchen Sponge

A lot of you know I’ve been using a brilliant sponge for a few years now.  Unfortunately, the last batch I purchased seemed to have an inferior sponge inside, which rendered them flat and useless after a couple of weeks or so.  I suppose that’s not too bad considering they were only $1.25 for a single sponge. But I’ve been spoilt, I want more. I want a sponge that will last.

Green White Magic Eco Kitchen Sponge


Because we all have to do more to save the environment I’ve been looking at other sponges.  Something that will last and still do the job of my old sponge. For a few months, I’ve been testing this “White Magic Washing Up Pad”.  I love it, even more than the old sponges.

Orange White Magic kitchen sponge


If you want to freshen it up, you can stick it in the wash with your towels, and it comes up like new.  Otherwise just wash it in dishwashing liquid, rinse it out well and let it dry. I’m amazed how long this one has lasted.  Even the one that I have dedicated to the coffee machine cleans up really well, and you know how coffee can stain.

Blue White Magic Eco Kitchen Sponge


I’ve got different colours for different areas.  I’ve got grape in the kitchen and pebble in the bathroom and ensuite.  LOVE IT.


Eco Kitchen cleaning sponges by White Magic