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Victorinox Bread Knife 21cm

Victorinox Swiss Classic Ergonomic Bread Knife 21cm

From the legendary Swiss manufacturer Victorinox comes this great bread knife. The razor sharp teeth will easily cut through the toughest of crusts and glide through the soft interior. The full tang of each blade is precision stamped from ultra-high carbon stainless steel. The edge is razor sharp, and the new ergonomically designed textured fibrox handle provides a comfortable sure grip. This knife is durable and because of the high carbon steel content in the blade, it will be easy to maintain and re-sharpen. Victorinox knives are preferred by professional chefs and butchers worldwide.

Victorinox high carbon, stainless steel blades are hand finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again. Each Victorinox knife is stamped from a single sheet of metal. The blade is then hardened, tempered, ground, polished, etched and finished. Our patented Fibrox handles are hygienic, dishwasher safe and slip-resistant. All Victorinox cutlery products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Made entirely in Switzerland.


This type of knife is one that’s a must for any kitchen that bakes.  You use it to cut bread of course but did you know you should always cut cake with a bread knife?

The serrated edge and razor-sharp teeth will glide through any soft crumb.  The high standards and price point of this Victorinox knife makes it a brilliant choice.

Oh and you can stick it in the dishwasher without worrying about splitting the handle.  We have two in the cooking school and I have a couple in my home.  Grab them while they’re on special and you’ll smile everytime you use it.  😉