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Although I say it’s best to translate all recipes into grams, sometimes its useful to have cup measurements.  Cup measurements vary the world over.  I know some of you didn’t know that but now you do it might explain why sometimes recipes don’t always work?

Of course, some recipes are just rubbish lol.  But more often than not it’s about measuring correctly.  Our Aussie cups are 250 ml but an American cup is 236.59 ml so If you’re making a recipe that states 400 g of flour and 1 cup of milk us Aussies will add too much milk.  Consistency is the trick.  If your recipe is all in grams keep everything in grams.  If it’s in cups you can also keep it that way as long as you use the same cup measures for the whole recipe.

I prefer on the other hand to weigh every the first time or use a conversion chart like this one I’ve made for you to download for free. 

Anyway, cups come in handy when your recipe says a cup of walnuts or 1/4 cup of peas.  You’re not going to pull out the conversion chart for those measurements.

Just like the measuring spoons I love they’re made of Stainless and can be popped in the dishwasher.