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Airfryer – read this first


Before you decide to dismiss this Airfryer post, do yourself a favour and read this paragraph first.   I know some of you say “not another gadget”, but really if you can see a use for it?  If you can see yourself using a gadget at least as many times as you would buy takeaway then doesn’t that put a different perspective on it? I say if “I can see myself using it” and “if it costs as much as a meal at a good restaurant” or even less it’s a no-brainer.

My Airfryer is the Phillips Daily Collection Airfryer the one that’s just under $200, but I swear I’m getting a bigger one when it dies.  It just won’t give up the ghost.   There are so many on the market now but my preference after using one of the rotating ones would be to have a model that the food stays stationary.  You can use it for so much more. Also, inside the base of mine, they’ve formed the metal so it helps move the air around evenly.  I’ve seen some cheap ones with flat bases, hmmm not sure how they’ll work.    Here’s a link to check them all out 

Phillips airfryer | becs-table.com.au

Last term in my “Evening Meals” class I talked and demonstrated the differences between baking chips in the oven and using an AirFryer.  Evening Meals class is all about making food fast or with as little time as possible physically standing in the kitchen.  Oh, and I try to make the meals as healthy as possible, hence the baked chips rather than deep fried.   We all know deep-fried chips are a sometimes food. Even my grandson of 6 knows that.  He’s so clever. heheee

At the time I had a few students that have young kids.  They’re struggling to put food on the table that’s healthy that the kids will eat.  So, I thought these oven fries would go down a treat.  Everyone that knows me knows I’m a gadget girl.  Well not all gadgets, I don’t go for everything.  What I do go for are things that save me time, work well, and I can see myself using a lot.

When I was in France, I noticed that the children wouldn’t get nuggets or processed food like that for dinner. They were offered egg and frits or steak and frits.  How good is that! No Nuggets For YOU!  ahahaaa

I think a dinner that looks like this is greategg and chips | becs-table.com.au

So back to the story, I decided to do a test for them.  We made chips in the oven and my Philips AirFryer.  To make the test fair, for the oven chips I used a low sided tray, lined it with foil, then placed a non-stick cooling rack on top before adding my fries.  This way the air can circulate around the chips just like the AirFryer.  I cut, washed and added a small amount of oil to all the chips.  Placed a layer (making sure they weren’t touching each other much) in the oven and a batch in the AirFryer.

The oven was set to 180°c, and I set the AirFryer to 160° c for ten minutes.  After the Airfryer’s bell went off, I pulled out the draw gave it a shake slid it back in and popped the temp back to 190° – 200°c for ten minutes.  I also looked at the oven fries, and they were nowhere near done, so I just left them in. I continued to cook the rest of the dishes for the night.

When the AirFryer went ding again, they were done.  I served them up with some fish I’d prepared.  Then we checked the oven fry’s, nope not done.  So, I made another batch in the AirFryer they were quicker this time because the unit was warmed up and ready for them.   The second batch came out, and I served them with the Southern Baked Chicken I’d prepared.  Checked the oven fries gain, nope, still need another five minutes.  This was when I opted to shove them all in the AirFryer to finish off.  Five mins on high and they were done, and I served them with some lentil burgers.

Chips | becs-table.com.au

At the beginning of the class, one of the girls mentioned she was glad that I was doing some in the oven because she didn’t have an AirFryer at home.  But by the end of the class, she was looking on her phone to see where she could get one thinking now it was a good investment.  Especially when your kids eat chips of any kind and this version is a healthier choice.  The other reason is that you can use the AirFryer to make other things too.  I think next week I’ll show them how to make crumbed pork cutlets in it.

looking for another quick evening meal or something to serve with your chips try this.

airfried chips | becs-table.com.au