Perfect Slices – (Online Course)

White plate with a stack of beetroot and hazelnut brownie cubes

You just can’t attend a market or fete in Australia without seeing a yummy slice on offer. These delicious treats are perfect for morning or afternoon tea, and can be a talking point (is they are delicious).

But why settle for a plain slice when you can create something truly unforgettable?

Join my Perfect Slices Course and learn the pastry chef tips to take your baking to the next level. I’ll teach you something new with each recipe and help you create show-stopping slices that will leave a lasting impression. Apart from some fantastic recipes, we also cover the following topics;

  • How to choose your tin
  • How to line a tin for the most effortless removal 
  • How to roll out pastry the easy way to fit a square or rectangular tin
  • How to slice a slice and which knife to choose to do the job
  • Storing and freezing slices
  • How to prevent your brownies from being over or under baked
  • How to keep muesli bars from falling apart
  • How to make easy, layered slices using one food processor and not having to clean the bowl in between
  • How to make cheesecake swirls for any slice recipe you like
  • How to adapt the recipes I’ve given so you can create your very own
  • An eBook full of recipes to download
  • Links to many other Slices recipes from my blog
Muesli slices next to some pencils in a green stationary organiser.

So don’t wait – sign up now for the Perfect Slices baking course and become the go-to baker for any occasion!

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