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Perfect Cookies (Online Course)

Cooling wrack filled with golden syrup cookies

Being a pastry chef, I tend to focus more on the science of baking. I’ve been making cookies for years, and to tell you the truth, certain cookies would turn out better if I used my stand mixer rather than my Thermomix.

After running Bake Club and watching the issues people would have from a distance, I’ve been able to focus in on what’s actually happening with a processor-style unit and adapt most recipes so that they work well, regardless of the appliance being used.

My Online Cookie (or biscuit) baking course explains my process in full, with the how and why the science works.

I’ve developed a template for you to download and an eBook with my favourite cookie recipes. The template also makes it easy for you to adapt your favourite recipes too. All you have to do is write the ingredients onto the template in the order in which I explain my method.

My method (template) will work for just about every cookie recipe. Want to know more?

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