Open Day November the 11th 2018

Open day treats to sample

We’re getting close now.  I’ve done all the baking I can do early, but next week I’ll be working hard making anything I don’t want to freeze.  I’m thinking crackers to go with the cheese I’ve made, cookies, more cakes, sausages, char sui pork, Kouign-Amann (yeah look it up lol), I’ve wanted one of these since I’ve come back from France.  I’d pretty much forgotten about them till I was offered one by a wonderful guide we had.  I hope I get time to make them.

Why should you come?

If you’ve never been to an Open Day here at Bec’s Table and you want to know what goes on you can always look back at our previous days here.  Why do we do it? It’s all about thanking our customers and to showcase what we do to new customers. It’s hard to book into a class when you’re not sure what it’s all about, so here’s your chance.

This year will be slightly different, as well as a chance to book into one of our many classes for the upcoming year, you’ll have the opportunity to grab some amazing bargains.  I’m reducing the stock I hold on hand, this means everything I’m not keeping in stock must go.

Some of my students have already had the chance to take advantage of this because I worry too much.  LOL During or after recent classes they’ve picked up stock to purchase, and I couldn’t let them have them at full price knowing that Open Day is so close.   How bad would you feel if you purchased something for $20 only to find I’ve got it for $5 on the day.

Never to be repeated bargains

I’ve got loads of stuff that has to go.  Great time to pick up some bargains for Christmas. I won’t be wasting your time with 5 and 10% off; it will be more like 50 – 80% off.  The items that I’m not reducing in price will be left in the cooking school; the rest will be out in the garage.  You’ll be able to go crazy.


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