Wow, what a day Open Day 2015. 

First, thank you to all that came, and those that come every year, x x x. 

Each year I try to make our big open day a bit better each time. Keeps me excited, and you, I hope. From the response, it sounds like we did it again in 2015. 

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to write this post, butI’ve been a little busy and quite frankly a little too exhausted to string the words together.  The four weeks leading up, and a few weeks cleaning down, is all worth it when we see everyone’s smiling faces.  Although, don’t ask “Will you do this again next year?” anytime near the build up or clean down.    It’s like giving birth, you forget the pain a little while after.  HA!

With Christine’s samples from her “Art of Probiotic Drinks“, “Fermented Veggies” and “Taste of Sicily” class and mine, too many to list.  I do have lots of photos though. 

Here’s a link to our classes page, though.

Oh, and by the way, there were lots of people asking for classes that I hadn’t added on our calendar.  Now that I’ve got everyone’s bookings in, I’ve made some adjustments to the lineup.  Hopefully, I’ve been able to fit in what you were looking for.

If you didn’t make it check to the big day,  check out these great photo’s, and hopefully we’ll see you next year. 😉

Check out the yummy treats we made for you to sample


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  1. Mmmm, I had never popped to this page until now… OMW! I am so jealous and so hungry! I know that this foods tastes just as good as it looks… can’t wait to see you at the school soon so I can share in some of these treats….