It’s taken me a little while to get around to posting my thankyou’s for attending our huge Open Day 2014.  It took me a couple of days to wind down, then I hit the floor running again to finalize our last classes for the year.  Well, it’s all over now and I can finally sit and reflect before I start the big clean down and focus on getting ready for next year.

Again I’m amazed at the turnout and support for the school on this special day. During the year I work hard at channelling all aspects of the cooking school to meet your needs and wants. Without open day I’d never really know whether I’m hitting the mark because Open Day is my big opportunity to listen to your comments.

Once again people came in droves. Each year as I’m baking and preparing for the event, I get to the stage where I say, “I just can’t-do this again” but as you start coming up the driveway I’m reminded of how wonderful you all are for supporting us. All my thoughts fade away.

I love it when people taste our food and can’t believe how much flavour we’ve packed in. We had a group of taste testers discussing with me how they’re often disappointed when eating out although everything we shared on the day they would have gladly paid for. I’m so thankful for your wonderful comments. So many of you have booked into classes next year and I’m so excited to share my tips and tricks for making amazing food easily.

Bake club competition

To all the girls that submitted entries into the Bake Club competition, “you’re all wonderful” each bake was amazing. There was very little difference between the scores from the voting proving you all hit the mark. I felt so pleased that you’d learnt enough over the weeks or months to be confident in submitting an entry. Stay tuned for next year’s we’ll definitely be doing that again.


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