A Bit On The Side (Online Course)

Image showing 4 different recipes from our sauces, and condiments course.

I created this Online Course/eBook, to share my love of making food from scratch with loads of flavour.

There are 4 modules; each module has lessons and an eBook of recipes to download.

The lessons include how to preserve the right way. Nothing worse than finding your preserve hasn’t been, well, preserved. It’s not hard to do. I give you some great quick, easy tips and squash a few myths along the way.

These recipes all keep and are keepers. But hey, they’re also great for gifts, so they’re givers as well.

Module 1

  • Brilliant Tomato / BBQ sauce 
  • Bec’s Easy Worcestershire Sauce 
  • Smokey BBQ Sauce 
  • Bec’s Pie or Burger Sauce 
  • Smoked Cherry Sauce/Marinade 
  • Sweet Barbecue sauce 
  • BBQ Medium Sauce
  • Pizza sauce 
  • Klose to Ketchup 
  • Chinese-style plum sauce 
  • Flavoured oils

There are another 3 modules….

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