My thoughts on the TM31 Tradeup Deal

Imagine this – a sturdy, reliable TM31 sitting on the counter of a bustling cooking school. Its blades spinning just as eagerly as they did nearly two decades ago.

In my own kitchen, this isn’t just a fanciful scenario, it’s reality. My TM31 has been a faithful companion, witnessing countless culinary adventures and mishaps alike. But even the most durable of kitchen heroes show their age, and after 20 years, it’s time to ponder, whether it’s finally time to trade up. If you want to know what the current deal is, send me a message.

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Nine different models of Thermomix, showing the changes since inception to the current model TM6.
Thermomix appliances since 1961

In the world of technology, 20 years is an eternity. Think about it—how many 20-year Televisons do you see? And when you do spot one, it’s often considered a classic, perhaps not as reliable for everyday use, and parts are becoming harder to get. This analogy isn’t far off when we think about our beloved TM31. As much as we cherish the memories and meals it has helped us create, the reality of finding parts and servicing is becoming increasingly challenging.

But here’s the good news. Upgrading to a TM6 isn’t just about keeping up with the times, it’s about embracing a world of culinary possibilities that were once unimaginable. Let me take you through why making the leap from TM31 to TM6 might be a smart decision—it’s a transformative one for your kitchen.

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Choosing to stick with your TM31?

Here’s a link to the service department section of the Australian Thermomix website. Consider choosing the closest place near you and reach out to have your trusty TM31 serviced.

Choosing to Trade Up?

Thermomix will take $250 off the price of a new TM6 plus throw in an extra full bowl and blade set valued at $395. That’s a Total saving of $645.00 (and valid until the 27th of March). If you’d like to see more on how that works click here to continue on to our Thermomix area, or click the button below to proceed with the TM31 Trade up.

A Second Thermomix?

We have over 6000 people on our mailing list, did you know that around 40% of them have more than one Thermomix? Maybe you’d like a second one in your kitchen. Well, there’s good news there too. If you want to purchase a TM6 (not as a trade-up) there’s a great offer on the table where you can add a second bowl and blade set for only $49. You can do so much more with two. Don’t forget to add the bowl and blade to your order scroll down and you’ll see it.

The Thermomix Journey

After sharing my personal anecdote about the TM31, I started to think about the journey Thermomix has undertaken to arrive at the marvel that is the latest model, the TM6. Did you know that the TM31 wasn’t the first Thermomix? In fact, there have been a total of nine iterations over the years, leading up to our current model, the TM6. This journey began in 1961 with a device that boasted seven functions, a groundbreaking innovation at the time.

By 1971, Thermomix had taken a significant leap forward by adding a heating function, transforming the way we cook. This evolution wasn’t just about adding new features; it was about reimagining the possibilities of what a single kitchen appliance could do. Each new model introduced innovations that reflected the changing needs and technologies of the times, from the simplicity of the original models to the sophisticated, Internet-connected capabilities of the TM6.

Understanding this history not only deepens our appreciation for the workhorse that is the TM31, but also highlights the transformative leap to the TM6. It’s a testament to the continuous innovation and commitment to quality that defines Thermomix. As we explore the features that set the TM6 apart, remember that it stands on the shoulders of the model that went before it, benefiting from decades of refinement and technological advancement. Ok, its true we are fans 🙂

The Thermomix difference: Quality and Service

When you invest in a Thermomix, you’re not just buying an appliance; you’re investing in a piece of culinary engineering designed to last. The robustness of a Thermomix, whether it’s the TM31 or the latest TM6, is unmatched. This durability isn’t by chance; it’s the result of Vorwerk’s commitment to using high-quality materials and maintaining rigorous standards of workmanship.

Moreover, the service accompanying a Thermomix purchase is part of what makes this investment so valuable. Vorwerk’s dedication to customer satisfaction and support extends well beyond the point of sale. From cooking classes to customer service and community forums, the support network for Thermomix users is a clear indicator of the brand’s commitment to their product and to ensuring that every user gets the most out of their appliance. Really, we are fans 🙂

Why I think alternatives fall short

While lower-priced kitchen gadgets might seem like a deal at first, their real cost often reveals itself through durability issues, lacklustre performance, and inadequate support, leading to frustration. In contrast, investing in a Thermomix, known for its durability and Vorwerk’s comprehensive support, ensures lasting satisfaction and culinary excellence.

My TM31 is proof of Thermomix’s lasting quality, yet it pales in comparison to the TM6’s advanced capabilities. It’s a familiar dilemma for TM31 owners, torn between the reliability of their current appliance and the allure of modern innovations. If you’re in this boat, remember, you’re not alone. Embracing the TM6 is not just an upgrade; it’s stepping into the future of cooking, where the possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.


I understand the hesitation that comes with change, especially when it involves moving on from something as dependable as the TM31. However, I also believe in looking forward, to embracing the innovations that make our lives better, our cooking smarter, and our food more delicious. The TM6 promises all this and more. So, while it’s bittersweet to consider parting with my last TM31, I think it might be time.

Want to know more (perhaps some Thermomix tips)?


  1. I regret not keeping my tm31 when trading up! I would only have paid $500 more.
    Much better made than my tm6.

    Had 11 years without ONE issue.

    1. Oh, totally get where you’re coming from! It’s pretty common to see folks holding onto their trusty old TM31s while also having a shiny new model right next to it. Personally, I’ve been on the Thermomix bandwagon for nearly 20 years now, using them both in my professional kitchen and at home, and honestly, I’ve never hit a snag with any of them.

      Right now, there’s a sweet deal that lets you save $645.00, which is perfect for anyone thinking it might be time to say goodbye to their old friend and hello to a newer, smarter TM6. But wait, there’s more! They’ve also got this fab offer where you can snag a new TM6 and get an extra bowl and blade for just $49. So, you’re not just upgrading; you’re doubling your cooking power amd still saving over $300.

      If you’re anything like me and see the genius in having two machines ready to go, these deals are like hitting the jackpot. I’ve got two TM6s at home, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. The real trick now is figuring out which deal to jump on. Choices, choices! 😉

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