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Best Scrambled Eggs – My Top Tips

Scrambled eggs on a plate with mushrooms

This tip I’m going to share, will make your scrambled eggs “the best-scrambled eggs” ever!.  Don’t tell anyone our secret. I’ve used the microwave to make scrambled eggs for years, although from time to time I still bring out the frypan laced with a touch of butter because scrambled eggs are yummy that way.

But if you want them fast, with less cleaning up, then you CAN make them in the microwave, and they’re great if you get the timing right. But let me tell you about an extra ingredient that I add that will make your eggs sing!

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2 plates with a breakfast of scrambled  eggs and mushrooms on toast.
The perfect his and hers breakfast eggs?

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave

Some of you know we used to own a café, we had a tiny kitchen and had to come up with quick easy ways that used limited tools, equipment, and space for everything we made. Planning and inventiveness were vital.

We had a lot of regular customers, but here’s a story about one specific customer that would come in for our scrambled eggs at the weekends.  We knew he liked them because we got to know his usual order.  You know we’d greet him with, “Hey Greg, the usual?” and he would always respond with “Yep thanks”.  You never really think “oh he must think our scrambled eggs are special,” you think he’s chosen them because that’s what he preferred from what we offered on our menu.

One day he came in and made a booking for 43 of his mates to come in for breakfast.  He belonged a bicycle club, and because he was president, he thought just for something different he would have them come for breakfast after their ride.

Well, as you do, being a café or restaurant owner, you start to plan.

We wrote up a menu and purchased goods to make the following

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Poached eggs
  • Pancakes
  • Raisin toast
  • Porridge

I don’t know if you know this, but a restaurant will try to predict how many portions of each recipe on the menu they need to cater for, so we did something like this.

  • We made three loaves of raisin bread, enough for 20 serves
  • Purchased two trays of eggs (that’s 60 eggs) enough for 30 serves (either poached or scrambled)
  • Had enough oats so we could make up ten bowls of our special secret porridge
  • Made up enough batter so we could make at least 30 pancakes

Dam, what a panic! We had everything ready to go then the orders came flying in “2 x Scrambled eggs”, “4 Scrambled eggs”, “4 more scrambled eggs” it went on like this for 10 minutes.  What! Why are they all ordering eggs!  41 serves to be exact!

I had one of the girls run to the shop to get more sourdough, eggs and cream.  Wow, the slowest job was getting the bread through the toaster (as sourdough takes longer to toast).  The men were amazing; they’d noticed we were all running behind the counter and when we served the last table we got three cheers.  We took a bow, and everybody laughed.

My secret weapons for making the best scrambled eggs

My flavour booster! Or you can use powdered chicken stock if you like.

This recipe is for one serve, that way you can multiply it for as many people you have to cook for. Remember you’ll have to adjust the microwave timing. Just watch it through the window, you’ll see it do its thing. 😉

scrambled eggs on a white plate, toast triangles and mushrooms

Best scrambled eggs

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If you want fast scrambled eggs, with less cleaning up, then you CAN make them in the microwave. However they do benefit from a pinch of …..
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Various
Servings 1 serve
Method Conventional


  • 1 Stick Blender (or a fork)


  • 2 eggs I use extra large
  • 40 g cream if you use cream you don’t have to have milk and butter
  • Big pinch of salt
  • ¼ tsp my TM powdered stock or a commercial chicken stock powder Adjust this to your taste and the stock powder you use. Check for Gluten in store-bought stock powder if gluten intolerant


  • If you’re making a lot of eggs I would place all the ingredients into a Thermomixer, blender or use a stick blender. These days I only make these for small crowds like my hubby (ahahaha), so I use a fork. It’s easier to clean than the rest, but by all means, you can use whatever you like. But using a blender is one of the things that will make sure everything is combined well, and you won’t end up with patches of white or patches of stock powder.
  • Now put this mix into a microwave-safe bowl. *See tips
  • Place the bowl in the microwave and set it for 1 min on high heat. Take a fork and stir the outside edge into the centre and give them another burst for 30 seconds, take them out and gently mix with a fork and allow the heat to finish cooking them through. So the above is for when you have 2 eggs. Please note this will depend on your microwave wattage, but once you get the timing right, you'll know. Make sure they're slightly under-cooked when you take them from the microwave because they'll keep cooking in the bowl.
  • Microwaves all have different wattages these days so play around with yours until you get it right. The main trick here is that you cook them off until the liquid is all cooked and fluffy.
  • Serve immediately on warm buttered toast.


DO NOT OVER MICROWAVE THEM or they’ll be rubber
If you don’t want to use a microwave that’s fine, use a nonstick frypan, get it hot and add a little butter before you pour your egg mix in then keep everything moving really slowly on medium heat until cooked. Using a spatula, start to stir the eggs from the outside in. Stir slowly, but continuously, to break the egg curds that are forming in the pan. If you feel the eggs are cooking too fast, remove the pan from the heat and continue to stir and mix the eggs. The eggs should be done in around a minute.
I like to use a Pyrex glass dish for the microwave method. You can see inside, microwave safe and it’s easier to clean afterwards as long as you immediately soak it in water. You can even run a bit of butter around the bowl before you pour in your egg mix if you like.
Ingredients for scrambled eggs in a glass bowl.
Ready to scramble

Now, do you see why it was such an issue for us to get the toast cooked off? We could do the eggs in a large bowl and microwave so fast, but the toast!  Sheesh we had them under the grill, in the toaster and in the Roband (which is like a commercial grill)

A bowl with cooked microwave scrambled eggs.
Cooked scrambled eggs (by microwave)

So what do you like most, scrambled, poached or fried eggs?  I prefer my eggs poached or fried, but they have to be just right.  Yep I know I’m fussy.  If someone else is making them, I’m happy to eat them how they come, but If I’m making them, they have to be just how I like them.

These days I don’t make breakfast for 41 people, its mainly my husband and grandson, and I do make them at least once a week.  Give them a try. I’d love to know what you think.

Don’t like Microwave Scrambled Eggs? Then use this same recipe to make them in your non-stick frypan.

scrambled eggs in a frypan.
Cooked scrambled eggs (by fry pan)


  1. I always add TM stock paste to my scrambled eggs…your secret ingredient really does work with so much more flavour imparted.
    If I don’t have any cream on hand ( which is rare) I add 1 tablespoon mayonnaise to 2 eggs, which still adds creaminess 😊

    1. Sounds great. I agree with it being rare to not have cream on hand. I buy a small bottle 300ml almost weekly, there’s always something you can add a drizzle too. 😉💖

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