What do you do with your leftover egg whites?

I usually have leftover egg yolks but today I’ve been making ice-cream so I’ve got leftover whites.

Well, I have been making Meringues. I may have to make these on a regular basis as my ice-cream seems to be popular with a new restaurant opening up soon in our area.  I made 3 batches of vanilla meringues with a different size nozzle for each one.  Baby, small and medium.  What fun!

I love the versatility of these little meringues.  You can eat them just as they are, stick them together with cream, ganache, jam or whatever takes your fancy.  Use them as decorations or a garnish for cakes, slices and dessert plates.

And most importantly if you have cooked them off properly you can store them for ages.

Or one of my favourites would have to be Eaton Mess.  Funny I’m not really a Pavlova sort of girl but Eaton mess seems different. Almost the same ingredients but just messed up.  I also think it’s because the meringues I cook are crunchy all the way through, whereas some pavs are soft in the centre.  With a plate of pav, you get a big slice of pav with a little cream and fruit on top making the whole thing a little too sweet for me. Where with Eaton Mess the idea is to have more cream and fruit and a few bits of crunchy meringue to sweeten up the dish.  YUMMY you have to try it.


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