This is a continuation of my new kitchen post called Kitchen Makeover At Ours.   Last post I showed you what the kitchen used to look like.  The picture below is a reminder.  This is a post about what it looks like now and what appliances I chose. What a difference.  I love it.  😉  There’s no comparison from the old to the new.  Friends that have popped in are saying they can’t remember what it was like before, but do remember it was a lot smaller and darker.

Old Kitchen

I was worried that changing the two windows on this side of the house to smaller in total measurements would keep it dark, but the skylight has done a brilliant job.  And I do love the new long windows.  You can see I’ve opted to still have a splash back under the windows.  I know a lot of display homes have windows all the way down to the bench, but I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to wipe them down several times a day when they get splashed from the sink.



Usually, we decide to move, so we renovate or tidy up for sale.   This time we purchased this home with the intention of renovating.

Because I’ve been asked by lots of people what appliances I’ve chosen I thought I’d write this blog about them.


  • The Fridge

I chose the Lg Door in Door fridge.  Sounds confusing doesn’t it but it’s brilliant.  If you like to find things fast and think of losing stuff in the back of your fridge is a pain in the butt, then this is the fridge for you.   This is the one I got.  It doesn’t have any fancy cold water, ice or soda section.  I need all the freezer space I can get so having these things just take up room there. The only drawback is that someone keeps putting dirty fingerprints on the glass door.  LOL, I can live with it.  Although I think I’ve heard that they’re altering that in the next model.

We have a separate ice maker that we just turn on when we want ice.  It’s not the brand I’ve linked to, but it’s similar.  Ours is an Aquaport.  They’re brilliant.

Fridge Lg Door in Door |


  • The Oven

We already had this oven.  We’d only purchased it a year or so before the renovation, so there was nothing wrong with it.  But I did choose a home combi type oven.  What’s that you say? The model I have is no longer available, but it is a combination steam oven.  These are the ovens of the future just like induction stove tops are.  Combi ovens have been used commercially for years, and they’re in ever kitchen that can afford them.

The cost of these ovens is coming down considerably for the home market now so if your due for a new oven, take the time to check them out.   Here’s a link to start the research  So what’s so brilliant about them.  They can inject steam and deliver heat at the same time.  This will give you perfect roasts, crisp pastries and the best bread.

For a succulent Chicken roast, I set my oven for quarter steam at 180°c and Roast for between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the bird.  They turn out golden brown and succulent.  It helps prevent drying but still gives a brilliant caramelisation.  Of course, you can do a lot more with them too.  Here are some of the functions mine has.

  • Au Gratin
  • Bottom heat
  • Bread Baking
  • Conventional Traditional cooking
  • Defrost
  • Dough proving
  • Drying Dehydrating
  • Frozen foods defrosting
  • Full steam
  • Grilling
  • Humidity High
  • Humidity Low
  • Humidity Medium
  • Keep warm
  • Moist fan baking
  • Pizza setting
  • Plate warming
  • Preserving
  • Slow Cooking
  • Cleaning Function

The temperature range is from 30°C – 230°C

I love it.  Having used a Commercial Combi Oven, I just had to get one of these.  The prices have dropped to about 1/4 of the amount I paid, so they’re not that much different than the better conventional brand ovens these days.

Check out this video

Bec's Kitchen |

  • The Hotplate

Well, did I learn a thing or two!  I went around looking at a whole lot of them.  Went to different stores and looked at different brands.  I was interested in induction because I had it before I loved it.  You can get low and intense heat, with the same control as gas.  So I was looking at big, you know I’m a chef, and I cook everything from scratch.  So having a lot of hot plates comes in handy. It wasn’t till I got to about the 5th visit I found a lady who seemed to know here stuff.  She said to be careful of lots of hotplates induction hotplates pull a lot of power.  Oh really? Hmmm, so instead of going for the five hotplate model I went with one that uses a little less power.  We still, unfortunately, have to get 3 phase power put on at our place.  Only because we’re close to having issues.  But at least I won’t have problems with our power tripping every time I do a big cook.  This is what I chose.

The Bosch Series 8 Induction stovetop  Now just because I’ve mentioned this I’m not saying its the best.  I chose it because it has that flexi zone area on the side.  I have a long griddle pan, and it will come in handy and the two singles.  This gives the flexibility of having from one to four pots on at once.  All I’ll need.   So my only advice is, yes induction is brilliant but make sure you have enough power in your home to use it.  Most of the houses that were built five years ago or before have way too little power going into them for all the electricals we use today.  We’re sort of lucky because we only have two living here and don’t have a TV in every room if you know what I mean.

Alright, what else.

  • Taps

I wanted taps that have a good pressure spray.  Now I can see problems for some kitchens here, but I know about them, so I chose to have seamless stainless steel benchtops.  They could be another material, but they have to be easy to clean down.  If you don’t, you may be annoyed with the overspray they cause.  I’m used to them in a commercial environment so I knew I would need to wipe down when I’m done.

I chose Franke here.  For the butler’s pantry, I chose one that pulls out, making it easier to spray in any direction or fill a bucket that’s on the floor.  I made sure the pull out section was made of a material that was easy to clean.  Some of them are made of cloth, probably not the best when your hands are covered in dough or something similar.   Mine is metal.

  • Microwave oven

I bought a Breville Quick Touch in Stainless Steel for the cooking school late last year.  The students and I loved it so much I replace the old microwave in my home kitchen (even though it still worked) with one of these.  Smart, I’d call it Brilliant.  It has a lot of smart functions, and it’s straightforward to navigate. Now when my husband gets home late from work, he can reheat his dinner, and it’s warm all the way through with a turn of a dial and a push of a button.

Even Heston Loves it.  Have a look at what he has to say.   I love science lol.

Alright, I think that explains the major appliances and why.  If you have any questions or want to know about anything else drop me a message.

My Butlers Pantry

Oh and if you were wondering, this is how those skylights turned out.

Vlux Skylight |


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