Thermomix and Conventional method Italian Vegetable Booster (stock)

Italian Frittata

In my last post about my Thermomix Asian stock, I mentioned that I prefer to call my Thermomix Stocks, “Vegetable Boosters” or “Flavour Boosters”.  I know, I know, I’m a little bit old school, because they’re not really stocks in the sense of the word.  But I believe they are brilliant Flavour boosters.  I made my first batch, way back when I purchased my very first Thermomix.  I loved it, although after a while I noticed everything was tasting the same.  Of course!

So a batch of new recipes were born.   I made Asian stock, French stock, Middle eastern stock, and this Italian Stock.  It’s another favourite in our house.  I can be found adding it to a pizza sauce base, my quick spag bog, sauce mixes and stews, gosh we even add it to our frittata base in our Italian dinner party class to give it a little extra deliciousness.


  Bec’s Italian Vegetable Booster


More ideas for Stocks can be found here



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