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Hunters Hoot Party

An image of a birthday cake with the theme of Hoot the owl

Well, we were very busy at our place last week.  We baked, cleaned and cooked and then baked some more.  It was a Hoot!

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A birthday party table with Hoot the owl as the Theme

Then it came to decorating; there was no time for cleaning so we decided to take over the cooking school rather than the house kitchen.  Thank goodness I have four large stainless steel benches down there.  I think it’s going to take me a week to clean up.

Hoot Cupcakes Close up

But it was all worth it to have everyone fill their tummies and goodie bags with yummy treats.  Thank you to all that came and made Hunter’s first birthday special.

Baby Hoot the owls made of fondant

We made a brilliant dessert table with all things Hoot.  Cupcakes, macaron, cake pops, Cookies lollipops and more.

The cake was fun to make with an airbrushed design around the outside to depict the night time Hoot scene.  Inside the cake was layers of chocolate and vanilla with a salted caramel filling.   Shanice and put a whole lot of effort into the decorations on and around the table.  T’was a great day.

Hoot Cookies all lined up on a white plate

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