The Ultimate Guide On How To Run A Bake Club – Part Five

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Continuing on from part four of my “Ultimate Guide On How To Run A Bake Club” Bake Club Part Five.

What happens on Bake Club day?

On the day of Bake Club, I arrange the recipes in a line with their respective tins if necessary (if you’re providing them) and the attendees file in and choose which recipe they’d like to make.  A little secret, first in first served, the easy ones seem to go the fastest. lol.  Watch out for latecomers and long lengthy recipes.  Of course, whoever finishes first can help people that need a hand.

I have a spot for everything and encourage the girls to put everything back where they found it.  Once they’ve been to a few bake clubs, they know where everything is without asking.  I have flour and Sugar in handy 1 kg containers, and there’s enough to go around.  You don’t have to do this but if you had at least a couple of each people wouldn’t have to wait so long.  You can see in the photo below I have six castor sugar jugs, you don’t need that many I have the room, so I do.

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Ok so on the rack that’s the closest I have nuts on the top, dried fruit on the next shelf.  Then we have chocolates, spreads and flavourings.  Below that is the sugar, treacle, glucose and all things sweet. Next the flours, spices used in cakes and raising agents. I have multiples of things, but you only need to purchase as you go. I do run other classes too.

Everyone is here, and they’ve chosen their recipes then the fun begins. We weigh, whisk, make, and bake (don’t forget to get the ovens on when they come through the door).  I ask my girls to write any notes on the recipe sheets, like what pan we’ve used, the temperature we used for our ovens if they differed and the new length of time they took to bake-off their goodies.  Any measurement changes like cups to grams etc.  Sometimes I get to show everyone a technique or an easy method they may not have seen before.

I’m not saying I’m lazy but if there’s a shortcut I may just know it.  LOL, It’s great to share tips it’s what our Nana’s use to do.  Sharing your tips is what bake club is all about otherwise we may as well stay home and do it on our own.

Once our goodies are in the oven.

We have coffee or tea while our goodies are in the oven (most of the time) and we all start cleaning down, keeping an eye on the ovens of course.  Becuase this isn’t a class (but there’s still a lot of learning), and I do it my time for free, I expect everyone to clean down at the end of the session.  I think that’s fair.  Containers get filled with bulk items, and the floor gets swept.  I was it later for safety reasons.

We remove our goodies as they bake, let them cool, decorate if that’s part of the recipe and take photos.  I now have a room set up to do that, but you don’t need it.  You just need a well-lit spot so you can take the individual shots.  I like to take a group shot too because I use that on the front page of their ebook but that’s up to you.  They’re the ones you see all over our Facebook page.  They need to be proud of what they’re learning as a group, even if some recipes don’t turn out great you’re still learning.  It’s so lovely to have photos to share with family and friends on Facebook and the like and of course to add to our newly written recipes for our cookbooks.

After that, we get out our cake containers and share everything that’s been made.  In cases where we are to decorate a cake with buttercream, and the large cake is still warm, we place a portion of buttercream in a small ziplock bag for each attendee, and they can add it when they get home.

Bake Club is a great way to learn new techniques and recipes.  You end up with the most amazing collection of recipes.  And the best part you can find and reproduce them anytime you want.

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Find out what happens the day after Bake Club next time.


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