Continuing on from part three of my “Ultimate Guide On How To Run A Bake Club” Bake Club Part Four

Purchasing all the raw materials

I use Woolworths, Hindustan Imports and on the odd occasion, I’ll go to Costco.  With Costco, I find I have to still go to the supermarkets because they don’t stock a lot of the items we need.  So Costco’s not so great for me.   Oh, you thought I used wholesale suppliers, didn’t you?  I can’t buy anything any cheaper than you can.  Even though you would think I’m purchasing in quantity, trust me the big fellas don’t think so. Woollies, Coles, and Hindustan all deliver in Australia if you prefer.  Hindustan Imports are great for pantry staples, flour, sugar, spices and the like.

In my last post, I spoke of a program called “Living Cookbook.”  I love it.  I think It’s super user-friendly (especially If you use any Microsoft programs, word, outlook, etc.).  You can do as much or as little as you like with it.  It’s not expensive, and you can even download a 30-day free trial.  The best part is after 30 days if you like it you just have to pay and you’ve got it for keeps. I’m pretty much using all the features except for the inventory area and the online social networking stuff.   I’ve used it for many years and have thousands of recipes in it.

All my recipes are in folders on the “Living Cookbook program” you can set your folders up however you like.  The folders are sorted into individual cookbooks with chapters too.  So you can add your recipes as you go, select the recipes you want to use for your Bake Club session make it’s very own cookbook and pop them in a shopping list.

Once you’ve got a handle on it, you can play with it as I have. I’ve made it look exactly how I want.  Using whatever fonts, colours and images you prefer.

When you get a little more use to the program you can do what I do.  I use it to organise my shopping.  You can tell the program which aisle each ingredient lives in, then arrange the list to print out in order of how the aisles are positioned in your prefered store.  This is great for my local Woollies supermarket.    I’ve done this over the years as I’ve used each ingredient.  This makes my job at the supermarket so much easier; I don’t have to run back and forth through the aisles picking up what I need.  The program puts everything in the order of the shopping isles.  How good is that?

Want to know what else it does check this out. Living Cookbook.

Next, after I get home with all the shopping and put it away, I check to see what tins, trays our moulds I need.  I have most of them in the cooking school, but you might find you’ll need to ask your attendees to bring something along.  You could even send them the recipe and ask them to bring the ingredients, but I figure Bake Club will continue a lot longer if you make it easy, so I shop for them.

Find out what happens on the day in post five

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