So I keep seeing this “trick”?  People are suggesting to put rice in the bottom of their cupcake tins, between the liner and the tin itself.  This will apparently soak up the oil.

I thought I might just point out what seems to be obvious to me, but it might not have occurred to you. I just want to say,  why are your cupcakes oily in the first place? Is it oil or is it moisture?

I’ve got a few ideas if it is oil it can only be one of two things really. 

It’s the technique you’ve used or the recipe that’s the issue.  Your cupcakes shouldn’t be oily and if it’s moisture then you want your cupcakes moist, don’t draw the moisture out of your cupcake into rice that you’re going to reuse or chuck out.  Your cupcakes will end up dry within a day.

what your batter should look like in most cases

Moist yes, oily no. The outside of your paper liners should have some signs of moistness, or your cupcakes will only be good to eat while they’re still warm from the oven, or very nearly straight after. Does that make sense?

You need some fat, or your cupcakes will be dry and stale very quickly.  Although there are ways to keep the oil in the recipe and not have it leach out.

The most common reason for Thermomix owners is that they’ve processed the mix incorrectly and it’s usually all about the butter.

I teach my bake club buddies every week how to mix their cake batters correctly in their Thermomix.

For Thermoimx owners here are two things you should be doing.

  • In nearly every case have your butter cold from the fridge. For your TM you shouldn’t have your ingredients at room temperature at the start, or your mix will be too oily at the end. I know it’s against everything you know but trust me the blades work way to fast and you can go from whipped beautifully to overwhipped in seconds.  Yes, you can over whip cake batters.
  • You should NOT let your batter split because it allows the oil to seep out on baking instead of staying where its put.
  • You also can’t use cheap really thin papers or anything will leach out. If you want your papers to look pristine you’re better off not using papers at all for the baking process then pop them in crips clean pretty papers after they’re baked, but I’d be looking back at my recipe first. I also spend a little more on papers that will stay nice, they’re only a few cents each.

Image of cupcakes in a tin with no liners

So your recipe might have too much fat (this includes butter).  The recipe might be off, a lot of people don’t realise how measurements work.  I think there would be probably only 2 out 10 people that start Bake Club with me that understand the difference between our measurements in Australia and anywhere else in the world.  Here’s a free handy guide you can download.

For example, in America, they have different sized cup and tablespoon measures than us.  And I’d say only 5 out of 10 people know that a cup of oil weighs differently to a cup of flour.  I always use the analogy how much does a cup of lead weigh, how much does a cup of feathers weigh.  The same volume totally different weight. Want to know how it works?

People wonder why specific recipes don’t work for them. I see so many recipe reviews where 10 people say it’s brilliant then you get 1 that says it doesn’t work.  There’s something in that.  Always make me smile.

Well, it can be so many reasons, I suppose that’s why once people start Bake Club they usually stick around term after term learning all sorts about baking.  But like I said earlier, it’s usually got something to do with the method.

Because we are on the net, picking up recipes from all over the world (it truly is amazing isn’t it) we have to be aware of measurements.  The first thing I do is change any new recipe to grams.  I write all my recipes in grams.  It’s the only way to get consistency.

Do you have oily cupcakes?

Have you resorted in rice in the bottom of your cupcake tin?

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