How To Make Perfect Cakes – (Online Course)

close up of a naked cake with cherries on top

Are you tired of inconsistent results when using your Thermomix to make cakes? If so, you’re not alone. Even experienced pastry chefs can struggle to adapt their traditional techniques to this modern appliance.

When I first got my Thermomix (a TM31), I was so excited to use it for baking, but I soon realized that my usual methods weren’t working as well as they should. I couldn’t figure out why at first, and I gave up and returned to my trusty stand mixer for consistent results.

Fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce in boxes, that are all made from cake.
Commissioned Coles Cake. Everything is edible, and cakes are in fondant boxes.

However, after opening my cooking school, I decided to give it another try and began testing different methods. The result? A foolproof method for using your Thermomix to create perfect cakes every time.

In my cake making course, I share the changes I made to my traditional method and show you just how easy it is to get consistent and delicious results with your Thermomix. Trust me, once you learn this method, you’ll make all your cakes in your Thermomix, saving time and effort without sacrificing quality.

And to not leave conventional bakers out, I’ve also created a course for stand mixer owners.

How to make Perfect Butter Cakes in your Thermomix


How to make Perfect Butter Cakes in your Stand Mixer


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