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Healthy Fish and Chips

An image of Healthy Fish and Chips on a white plate served with salad

So you think Fish and Chips can’t be healthy?  We think they can. We all know fish is healthy, but it can also be “Easy Healthy Fish and Chips” too.  This fish and chip recipe is so easy I’ve never really thought about putting it up here until I was asked: “How did you do this?”

I made this for some friends a while ago.  Let me set the scene.  It was a Saturday, I was running one of my Dinner Party Classes and I knew after it I had to clean down so I’d be pretty much buggered.  Can I say that here?

Classes if you are local (Melbourne) or Zooms from anywhere 🙂

So what to do? I think I’m pretty much the queen of quick and easy at our place, so early Saturday morning I set to making “Fish En Papillote”.   It’s a clever term for Fish in a Bag.

Here’s how I make Fish En Papillote

  1. I use baking paper inside foil
  2. I use one of my spice blends
  3. I choose at least 2 veggies that cook fast (but you have so many options here)

1. The baking paper on the inside will stop the fish from sticking to the foil.  The foil helps close the bag up tight to keep in the steam that’s needed to gently cook the fish and veggies. 

You can make them in the morning of the day they need to be cooked and pop them in the fridge until I’m ready to bake.

Fish and veggies laying on a baking sheet ready to fold up.
Fish and veggies laying on a baking sheet ready to fold up

As an option, you can put a couple in each bag if you want to save on paper and foil.  But be aware if you stack the fish on top of each other you will have to increase the cooking time by a couple of minutes depending on the thickness of your fish.

2. Spice blends.  I’ve got a book coming out soon watch out for that.  But you can use any blend you think might go with fish or forget all that and go natural adding just a tad of salt and pepper.

3. Veggies that cook fast. Beans are great. I just slice them down the centre if they’re thick or tough and I also used red capsicum here.  Use whatever you like.  Asian flavours work so well in this dish. Ginger, Asian greens etc.

Closed up foil parcel fish en papillote.
Closed up foil parcel fish en papillote

The Method For Fish En Papillote

  1. Take a layer of foil large enough to fit your fish and veg.  Add a layer of baking paper to the inside.
  2. Add a tsp of olive oil (or whatever oil you use)
  3. Place the fish and veg on top
  4. Sprinkle with your spice blend, herbs, salt and pepper whatever you like
  5. Then tightly close up the bag so when it bakes the steam won’t escape.
  6. Place in a 180c oven for 12 – 17 minutes depending on how thick your fish is. This thinner white-fleshed fish took 12 minutes.  *Or pop them in your Thermomix Varoma see notes.
  7. After the time is up remove from the oven and leave to rest for 5 minutes before opening the bag.

Well, that couldn’t be easier, could it?  Fish En Papillote, how posh.

Bec’s Notes:

If you have a thermomix, Fill your TM bowl with 500 ml of water pop on the lid and with the MC in place (it will heat faster if it’s in at this stage) set for 10 mins/Varoma/speed 2. Once the time is up, pop your Varoma basket on top, fill with your parcels of fish (you don’t have to use the foil if you don’t want to for steaming but it does keep everything together) Make sure you’ve left some of the holes free in the basket so the steam can reach each chamber. Set the TM back to Varoma/speed 3.  The time may vary depending on the thickness of your fish.  Give it 12 minutes for thin and 15 for thick.

The cooked Fish inside the en papillote bag.
The cooked Fish inside the en papillote bag

Want to know more?

Oh, I cooked the chips in an air fryer and tossed a quick greek salad on the side. So you might try Air fryer chips

Or, if you are interested in spice blends, we have Spice Blends and Recipes eBook and the Spice Blends and Recipes eBook bundle

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