Has your Thermomix lost its appeal?

Image of a Thermomix with a sign saying has it lost it's shine

Have you lost your cooking passion, or Thermomix mojo? Need inspiration for evening meals? We may be able to assist you. We have hundreds of recipes on our site, and if you have Cookidoo, all you need to do is “plan and create”.

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I’m the first to admit that I don’t use my Thermomix every single day. Some days, its just not the right appliance. Yes, I do still use my oven, microwave, and stovetop. But I do use my Thermomix most days for various purposes, such as making yoghurt, preparing dinner, enjoying a snack, or yes crafting a cocktail or two.

Do you say any of these to yourself?

  • I used to use my Thermomix all the time, but I’ve stopped using it
  • I only use my Thermomix to make cocktails these days
  • I want to eat healthy, but I struggle to plan my meals and be organised.
  • I bought a Thermomix, but what I really want is someone to shop and cook for me.
  • I don’t use my Thermomix enough.
  • I want to use my Thermomix more.
  • I should be using my Thermomix every day.

How to be inspired.

The Thermomix is an excellent appliance, but like many new things, we humans often revert to old habits. To fully utilize the potential of your Thermomix, you need to make using it a new habit. Reflect on the initial allure of your Thermomix and embrace it. When I seek inspiration, I first go to the places where I find the most inspiration: my Facebook Group, my recipe file, my extensive collection of cookbooks, and, of course, Cookidoo. Cookidoo is like a magazine to me, brimming with recipes that I can scroll through and be inspired by. Find something that inspires you and make a plan to cook. It’s easy once you get started.

So how can we help?

  • We have over 300 Thermomix recipes on our blog and we add to that every week.
  • We have a huge range of cooking, baking and Thermomix tips. All available to you under category – Chef Tips on our Blog
  • We have a Facebook Group where we share tips, recipes, and help inspire you to make awesome food in your Thermie. We have an awesome group of members that also love to share. Join here, but please fill out the questions in the member request.
  • We have online courses that are “on-demand”. Prices range from Free to $59
  • We run Zoom sessions every week on different topics. Check out our Zoom calendar.
  • If you’re interested in buying a Thermomix through me, I have created a learning program called my Inner Circle. This platform allows for direct contact with me, and provides everything you need to get started with your Thermomix. It also offers inspiring recipes, tips, and advice to keep your learning journey going. You will be invited to join this exclusive group as soon as I receive an email from Thermomix confirming your purchase.

Is being a consultant a passion or a job?

I’ve made running Bec’s Table and being a Thermomix Consultant my fulltime job. Now, I know we’re all spread across this gorgeous country (or other parts of the world), and I can’t exactly invite each of you over for a cozy home-cooked dinner (though wouldn’t that be fabulous?). We all love to share food to show our love, and that’s precisely why I share my culinary know-how with you all. I want you to feel the love and passion I put into each recipe or dish, even if it’s through a screen!

We like home cooked meals

I can’t personally hand you a plate of my favourite Thai curry or a warm slice of my gooey chocolate brownie. However, I can give you the next best thing. My tried-and-true recipes, cooking tips, and all the insider tips you’ll ever need to recreate these meals in your kitchen. I hope you can feel the love and care in every tip, tutorial, and recipe I share.

Share the Love

I offer a lot of free content because I genuinely want to help you become the best home chef you can be. And you know what would make my day? Knowing that you’re enjoying these recipes with your friends and family, and perhaps, even spreading the word about my blog and courses to them. It’s like creating a chain of food love that goes beyond state borders, connecting us all in a community of flavour and fun!

I’m all about spreading knowledge and love through food, but let’s keep it real—I’ve got bills to pay and a cooking school to run. Selling my courses and Thermomixes allows me to continue doing what I love: teaching you all the fantastic things you can whip up in your kitchen. It’s a win-win situation: you get to elevate your cooking game, and I get to continue doing what fills my soul.

How can you inspire me to cook?

That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone is unique. But I know what works for me and many of my followers. Browsing or reading recipes sparks my creativity. I understand that many of my followers prefer quick and easy options, so my main focus is on sharing recipes that are exactly that – quick and easy, without compromising on taste.

How can I afford a Thermomix?

Thermomix claims that buying a Thermomix is an investment. I agree; it’s a no-brainer for me. I paid a similar amount for my dishwasher, induction stove top, and steam oven. These are all tools I use to save time and create nutritious meals at home. We rarely order takeout because the food we make at home is healthier, more cost-effective in the long run and, quite frankly, tastes better. Thermomix Australia has many payment options, and I’m sure there’s one that would suit you.

What’s the best way to find out if a Thermomix would suit me?

The best way to see the Thermomix® in action is to book a Virtual Cooking Experience.
It’s the perfect opportunity to answer to answer all your questions like “What does a Thermomix® do?” and any other questions or queries you may have. To find out more, please reach out and we can organise a one on one Zoom or a Virtual demo for you and your friends.

Why do Thermomix sell their Thermomixs via consultants?

Thermomix (Vorwerk) sell their products via consulants all over the world. Their mission is to make sure that every person that purchases a Thermomix has personalised support throughout their Thermomix journey, from recipe recommendations, to teaching you how to convert your recipes and ustilise all the functions of the machine and the Cookidoo platform.

What can I do if I don’t want a consultant?

You can buy a Thermomix directly from Thermomix TheMix Shop. If you don’t choose a consultant when purchasing, one will be assigned to you. However, if you prefer to avoid receiving the personalised support offered by the consultant, you can completely opt-out by telling us so we can update your account.

Can I purchase a Thermomix in installments?

Yes, there are several payment options available to you when you purchase.

Can I purchase a second hand Thermmix from Vorwerk?

No. As a distributor of Vorwerk, The Mix Australia/The Mix New Zealand only sells the current model Thermomix.

Can I purchase a Thermomix as a gift?

Yes of course, chat with me about how this is done so it can be a big suprise for the recipient. Reach out here.

How much is it for delivery when purchasing a Thermomix?

When you purchase a brand new Thermomix the delivery charges are included.

How long does it take for a Thermomix to be delivered?

In my experience Thermomix dispatch your TM6 within 24hrs of placing the order. Because they use Third-parties to deliver the timing of the dleivery is determined by the courier. Delivery times are estimated at between 5-10 business days once dispatched depending on your location within Australia. I’ve even seen them delivered in 3 days. How cool is that! 

What else do I need when I purchase a Thermomix?

You don’t need any additional items for your Thermomix to work properly. There are many accessories people like to use with their Thermomix like a Glider Board or Dariole Moulds. If you can grab a second Bowl and Blade set, you will use your Thermomix more. While one is in the dishwasher you can use the second rather than pull out pots and pans. Still, there isn’t anything you probably don’t already have in your kitchen that you need to make nutritious food quickly and easily in your Thermomix. You’re ready to get started if you have a knife and a chopping board that’s it really.

Why should I buy a Thermomix instead of a competitor’s unit?

The Thermomix is a robust, well-designed machine that is unique and surpasses cheaper imitations. It has consultants and a dedicated service team for support. You can find recipes on Cookidoo and inspiration all over the internet from bloggers and chef’s like myself.

Wrap up

So, we hope we have inspired you to go forth and make better use of this wonderful appliance. If there was just one thing that seems to help re-invigorate that love of cooking, its to join us on a Zoom, so we can connect and share.

Check out our Zoom calendar.

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