Hmmm, I seemed to have missed something, didn’t realize it had happened. When did the smell of our fruit and veg disappear? 

While in Aux-en-Provence France I had the opportunity to visit a Saturday morning market. It’s there when it hit me. The smell of vegetables, fruit, not to mention all the other wonderful delights, cheese, preserved meats and fresh fish.

What’s happening to our food to completely deplete its smell? 

These fruit and veg were in an open-air market, not sitting in a closed space like our supermarket shelves, and I could still smell them.  And no, I wasn’t embarrassing my hubby by running around with my nose firmly planted on everyone’s stock of veg, I could smell them just walking around.

Cucumbers, carrots, cauliflowers incredible or should I say,”incroyable”.

Check out these wonderful photos.  I only wish we were there long enough for me to taste test everything. I’m sure if the smells and sights were anything to go on, the flavours would have way surpassed any of the fruit and veg we can purchase from our supermarkets of home.  I asked a

When we got home I asked a French friend of mine why he thought our veg was so lacking in smell compared to the ones I smelt in France.  He said he believed we pump our fruit and veg with more water than they do in Europe and the fact that we pop everything in cold storage doesn’t help either.



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