Learn to make great scones

This FREE online course outlines all my chef tips for creating brilliant scones. My method is simple, and I explain why and how it works. You may have heard that baking is a science. It is, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

Let me show you the simple (but important) rules with my quick scones recipe. I’ve listed the Conventional (by hand), and Thermomix method to get light, tall, fluffy scones. You’ll be eating scones in just 1 hour 🙂

A table setting with jam and cream scones.


Is this really a FREE course?

Sure is.  No credit card required.  We will ask you to register, and we would like to send you a weekly newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time (with no hard feelings), and you keep the scone course 🙂

Are we qualified?

Yes. A qualified pastry chef writes all our courses.

Can I do the course and ask questions?

Yes.  All our courses have an interactive comments section where you can personally engage with us at Becs Table.

Do I have to join in at a particular time?

No.  All our courses are waiting for you in the cloud (a bit like Netflix).  Once signed up, they’re yours to keep.  You can go back and visit as often as you like.

I don’t have a Windows PC, can I do your course from my Phone?

Sure, you can do our online courses from any device that is connected to the Internet.  Just log in to get started.

How much time do I need?

1 hour is enough time to do the course and pull out your first batch of perfect scones.   But hey, we all learn at our own pace, and our online course caters for whatever pace you are comfortable with.

Why is it Free?

We think everyone should be able to make perfect scones at home, and we hope this Free introductory course will inspire you to stick with us, and perhaps continue your learning with some of our other courses and products.


At Bec’s Table, teaching and sharing is our job and our passion (its not just a hobby). We hope you find this course as valuable as others have in the past.